Carbon Copy Pro - A Legitimate Opportunity?

By: Daniel Lucas

Carbon Copy Pro (CCP) is a marketing system that promotes a direct sales company called Wealth Masters International (WMI). Jay Kubassek designed the Carbon Copy Pro attraction marketing system in 2007 in order to use modern online marketing techniques to sponsor people into business and sell the product line offered by Wealth Masters International. Kubassek combined $50,000 in funds and expertise with his associates to develop CCP so that the typical marketer would be able to experience success with the CCP and WMI business. Now with a value of twenty million dollars, Carbon Copy Pro has built its customer base in more than one hundred sixty countries. Carbon Copy Pro may be a wonderful solution for many marketers; on the other hand, it is critical to look at each system and each company to find the right one for the individual.
A New York City resident, Jay Kubassek is the quintessential businessman with a noteworthy business career. HJay started his business success early on by tending to the five million dollar family farm located in Canada and performing professional speaking engagements at conferences pertaining to sustainable agriculture. He is also an independent film producer, owner of six companies, a professional speaker and trainer, and international real estate investor/developer. Jay's history brings a high level of credibility to Carbon Copy Pro.
The cost to begin with Carbon Copy Pro could be more competitive. In order to get to the sales page, Carbon Copy Pro requires the individual to first purchase an interview DVD for $49. Now the new business person may start the Carbon Copy Pro system at $49 with a required $149 monthly fee. At this point, the individual may also decide whether or not to purchase a $149 consultation. Now the individual may choose one of three tiers of membership in order to market the WMI products: the first tier is the Masters Program at $1,995; the second tier, called the Wealth Conference, runs for $8,495 or $8,995 with M1 and M2 packages included together; The M3 tier is the Lifestyle Experience which sells for $19,995. The entrepreneur may join the WMI team for a total of at minimum $2,381 or at maximum over $20,000 (to get involved in all three tiers). The before mentioned prices do not include marketing costs to promote the newly founded website in order to gain new recruits and customers. It seems that Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth Masters International want only serious, business-minded people to join the CCP team--all in an effort to increase the retention of sponsored individuals. In contrast, while traditional businesses boast significantly higher startup fees than Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth Masters International, the price to go into business with CCP and WMI is prohibitive for many people.
One of the best duplicable systems in today's marketplace, CCP offers business owners a way to automatically sponsor people into business and sell products. The benefits include a system that eliminates telephone calling, sales skills, web design skills, and that frees up time to devote to driving traffic to the website. It uses a prewritten and self contained autoresponder system to introduce funded proposals to leads as a means to generate a side income through affiliate marketing. Additional noteworthy benefits include professional business coaches in call centers to close sales with leads, toll-free and live chat support for members and prospects, daily conference calls teaching the latest advertising techniques, and a personal sponsor as a mentor. Based on attraction marketing, the website directs people into a lead system that channels them through a fully automated sales funnel. Combined with WMI, CCP offers the possibility for huge up front sales checks at upwards of $1,000-$10,000 per sale. Although Carbon Copy Pro provides significant advantages over traditional marketing tactics, it is still necessary to address the drawbacks.
Wealth Masters International through Carbon Copy Pro uses dishonest tactics to draw people into the business through the form of a coffeehouse letter. This letter says that MLM companies are becoming extinct due to inefficient traditional marketing. This statement is completely false; in fact, MLM companies are booming at a rate unprecedented in the past 20 years. The ascertion that MLM companies do not use modern marketing tactics is false; in fact, the most prosperous MLM companies in the last five years use the very strategies Carbon Copy Pro promotes. The top earners in MLM are using the same systems and strategies that CCP offers-all at a much lower startup cost and with a great diversity of companies and products to select. The fact that WMI and CCP negatively frame its competition (other systems used by MLM companies) discredits their company and the ability to trust in what they have to offer.
Carbon Copy Pro fails to note that there is competition for a duplicable online marketing system, and the truth is some of the competition is superior. As a result, CCP claims only a 2% conversion into the company while other MLM companies offer 4-10% conversion. The truth is that lower startup costs result in a higher rate of conversion into business. This means that a network marketing business may sponsor five to ten individuals, but a Carbon Copy Pro business may signup only one person. In addition, statistics show that one out of five recruits in an MLM will go on to build a large downline of hundreds of people-all of which the network marketer collects in profit. Although Carbon Copy Pro may deliver huge checks for one out of every thousand individuals who visit their sales page, the probability of maintaining a significant residual income for years is disheartening.
CCP may offer a good system with a decent company, but the alternatives produce more reliable results with potential for great residual income at a much lower startup cost. Is is improbably that a Carbon Copy Pro business owner would generate a high income for a long period of time, and it would not make business sense when there are superior alternatives available.

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Daniel Lucas wrote this Carbon Copy Pro Review to help people understand the necessity of having a fully automated system that works effectively in combination with a great company and product. Daniel helps people to generate unlimited leads in business.

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