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The Seedbox is a private server used for uploading and downloading of files from internet. It makes the use of Bit Torrent protocol for this function. It is basically used for its high speed uploading and downloading. It can run on most of the operating system which includes Windows, LINUX and Mac OS etc. It provides the ability to its users to work from remote locations by using Virtual Network Computing connection or remote desktop protocol. VNC are used for handling and controlling remotely located computers. The capability of Seedbox to transfer files quicker makes them popular, attractive for making P2P and bit torrent communities. Seedbox are also able to overcome speed throttling by ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Proseedbox is a seedbox provider that offers wTorrent GUI (rTorrent web interface) which is extremely efficient for transferring servers and web resources. Name of some other seedbox providers are Torrent Flux Host, Lease Torrent,,, Seedbox world,, etc. A seedbox is used exclusively for torrent transfers on high speed dedicated servers. Seedbox can be migrated from one place to another. In this process only IP will be changed, seedbox name, domain, password will remain same and the seedbox will be rebooted at the end of migration process.

These are mostly for the people who share lots files among themselves. In Seedbox you have the facility to delete your seeding and you can also replace them with other ones if you want. You donít have to worry about RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) or MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) spying on you. No more DCMA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notices, warning letters from your ISP and no more lawsuit letters. Private trackers like Bit Torrent tracker are extremely competitive, for them it does not matter how many torrents are you seeding and how you manage the client settings, they are mostly used for accounting longevity.

Seedbox is the best web based access for latest files which can be difficult to find anywhere else. It is an easier, faster and safety way to access and transfer a file from one source to another. One should look for in a Seedbox for benefits like: ease of use, unlimited access, checking the number of users per server, storage capacity, throughput limit, and speed. Many services now offered by seedbox are torrent specific having great packages and also useful for entry level users.

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