Candle Making Wax - Different Types and When to Use Them

By: Brian Wisz

Candle making has been growing in appreciation recently and the candle wax manufactures have actually been making an attempt to make a more varied selection of waxes to match the ever changing wants of candle makers. Being that the wax is the main element in candle making, the changes of been borne out of need.

Beeswax is a popular kind of wax ordinarily used and is generally available only in white or yellow. Beeswax can be costlier than the other waxes, but candle makers are drawn to its pleasing fragrance, its burning traits and the hardiness of the wax.

Another natural wax that looks to be getting reasonably popular is soy wax. Soy wax is processed by hydrogenating soybeans which makes them ideal for candles. Soy wax is a replaceable resource and is eco friendly. These qualities have helped its popularity. Candle makers located in North America can particularly benefit by trying soy wax because almost all of the soybeans used to make the wax are grown here in the U. S.

Palm wax is another wax derived from natural sources. If you choose to use palm wax, please ensure that it was obtained in an ecologically friendly way. Because of its booming popularity of palm wax, countries like Malaysia and Indonesia have been demolishing massive portions of their forests to plant palm plantations. This has been extremely unhealthy to the ecosystems of these lands and has compromised the populations of many endangered animals including tigers, rhino's and orangutans.

Gel candles are another way to make candles that is also becoming fairly popular.

The gel has a rubbery texture but works the same way as wax. Gel wax is usually available in 3 different densities. Typically you would choose the higher density if you were looking to make a candle with a heavier perfume for example.

The most well liked and characteristic wax used today is paraffin wax which is refined from petroleum. This wax is reasonably easy to get and is comparatively cheap. Other kinds of natural waxes that are refined from plant and plant materials include soy, palm and bayberry.

With so many differing sorts of wax available, the candle maker can now pick the wax which will best suit their wants. After you understand each sort of wax and their different qualities and attributes, then your candle making pastime can truly soar to new and thrilling heights.

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