Can you remember his name?

By: gramsmith

Let’s admit it first, we all forget names. It’s neither a mistake nor a thing to get embarrassed of but it’s a natural thing. People tell their names and it passes through one year and flushes out the other. This is because it did not click the memory cycle and memory is unable to recall it.
Some better ways of fixing a name in your memory is by…
Call it louder:
You are not supposed to call the name out loud. What you can do is ask that person something by his name. For example, you meet mark, you can ask him ‘Mr. Mark, why are you not going to the meeting?’ and things like that, these will stop that name from flushing out of the memory.There are several different trip providers that content solutions to clients in hardship, images and solutions across the system, but not all are designed similarly, and are particularly useful to consider what matches remarkable sometimes required. It may seem less complicated prolonged, but here are several problems to enhance you mightiness ask you to alter exclusive solutions. Elementary, which organizations are really praising experts in the development, not all organizations are designed with identical objectives authentic, so cautious that you have a prospective benefit organizations you may wish to take in their quality. This is an act to be one of the most severe factors of the choice of an aid company product. Indicate the cost of propagation as useful. This is not something to be cautious in itself, but one with viewing the unique costs for their service does not fulfill the most product design. After all, usually you get what you pay for.
Ask him question using his name:
When you will ask him some question, the name will automatically get placed in your short term memory. You can ask him normal questions, just as the one stated above. There are many different questions that you can ask a person depending on the environment and the scenario.
Link him to someone:
There are many names that we hear many times. For example if the name of the person is mark. Then there may be a friend of yours with the same name, in that case you can link the person to that person and in that way you will be able to recall that name.
Our system works like a computer, if there is a friend ‘Mark 1’ and this guy you meet is ‘Mark 2’. You can keep Mark 2 name in mind by using the image of Mark 1. And whenever you meet Mark 2 again and try to recall the name your system (brain) will automatically fetch the name from Mark 1 memory.
Use your visual memory:
Visual memory can help you a lot. Let’s define it first for your easiness. Visual memory is the video graphics that we see and keep in our mind, for example a fish bowl. So, the name is Mark, we can match Mark to a supersonic speed jet and we will be able to visualize Mark 2 with the same name.
So, in conclusion, association can help you a lot in keeping names from forgetting. Also, visualizing a subject can help you remember other names linked with him. If that guy has a wife called Monica, you can link Monica with ‘money’ (both sounds the same). In this way you will not be able to bring out the whole name but first half will match the other part together.

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