Can you Build Your List with Warp Speed

By: Vishnu

Joint venture giveaways, better known as JV giveaways, are events where a group of internet marketers get together and contribute products to giveaway for free. The products are mostly internet marketing related and can be e-books, software, website graphics, videos, and even memberships to various websites. For more details Giveaways are a great place for newbie marketers to fill their virtual "toolbox" with valuable information and scripts at no cost. That is all fine and dandy, but what do the contributors get out of it?

They get to add a new subscriber to their auto responder every time some one downloads their free gift. This is where the list building happens. When a person joins as a member, aka non-contributor, they are able to download all of the gifts that have been donated which are listed on a website. The gifts are listed with a photo, a short description, and a download link. The link will take you to a landing page, which is known as a "squeeze page" in internet marketing lingo. You will have to fill in your name and email address in order to download your gift. Simple enough, right? Well here is where it gets interesting.

Some of the JV giveaways that I have participated in have had over 200-300 contributors. That is an awful lot of free products. The important thing to realize is that all of those JV partners are promoting the same website that contains your product. There are contributors that already have huge opt in lists and the giveaway scripts monitor everyone's affiliate link. If you are not promoting your affiliate link, your product is removed from the JV giveaway. This guarantees two things: lots of promotion and lots of traffic.

If you are the beginner who has a very small list or no list at all, you get to leverage the traffic that is being driven to the website by every JV partner. Where else could a newbie get this much traffic without paying a dime? Now multiply that traffic by participating in multiple JV giveaways and you have some serious list building going on. But the savvy marketer doesn't stop at just building your list. For more details Why not send your prospect to a "one time offer" before they download their gift? One time offers are known to convert well when done properly. This way you actually make money while building your list!

Now all JV giveaways are not the same but most have some kind of mechanism built in to make sure the gifts are of high quality. The truth of the matter is, if you give away something that is an old oversold PLR product, nobody is going to download it and your results will reflect this. Give away a good quality gift and you will see awesome results. If you don't have your own product to giveaway, don't worry. There are lots of places to pick up fresh, new, quality PLR products. As a matter of fact, JV giveaways are an excellent place to pick up just what you need to get started.

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