Can the Occurrence of Solar Flares Affect Migraine Headaches?

By: EileenDavies

Solar flares have more effects on the earth and its inhabitants than many people believe. Solar flares are energy explosions that cause the gases of the sun to become millions of times hotter than usual. This causes a reaction of ions, electrons, and protons that result in electromagnetic disturbances which affect the geomagnetic fields of the earth.

It's no secret that the magnetic fields of the earth have some kind of affect on all its inhabitants. These fields are always changing intensity. These fluctuations, called geomagnetic activity, is largely influenced by the sun and its flares. The are four levels of geomagnetic activity ranked strongest to weakest: stormy, active, unsettled, and quiet. So what relation do these levels have with migraines?

Scientific studies have proven that life on earth is affected by changes in the magnetic fields. This research has shown that humans experience heart or cardiovascular changes as a response to the geomagnetic activity levels. It is these breakthrough results that led scientists to believe that geomagnetic activity can affect other areas of human health, like migraines.

Quite basically, incidences of reported and treated migraines are directly related to the geomagnetic activity levels. On days where the levels were higher, there were more migraines reported. This presents a huge benefit for medical practitioners. They can use the activity of solar flares and the geomagnetic activity levels to prepare for migraine patients.

You have the ability to determine if your migraine headaches are a result of solar flares and geomagnetic activity levels. You can keep a migraine journal to log incidences of migraine headaches. Then, you can check online for information about geomagnetic activity fluctuations on the days when you had migraines.

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