Can You Really Get a Free Vasectomy Reversal?

By: Sandra Wilson

A lot of men will have a vasectomy because they have chosen not to have any children, or they do not want any more children. However things may change and they suddenly decide that being able to conceive a child is very important to them. As well as finding out whether a vasectomy reversal will be successful or not, they need to find out how much the operation is going to cost. For some men once they see the figures being provided by the surgeons, actually having a vasectomy reversal does not seem as important. This is why those men who really want to have the procedure carried out, but do not have sufficient funds to pay for it, will look to see if they can get a free vasectomy reversal instead.

While you may find that surgeons who will perform this surgery will give you a free consultation, when it comes to the actual surgery they want to be paid. So a free vasectomy reversal really, in general, is just not an option. You could find a doctor who offers to do a repeat vasectomy reversal if the first one does not result in a positive outcome. Most times, that just doesn't happen unless there are complications. The chances for that happening are small.

Since you are looking for information about a free vasectomy reversal, you may find in your searching through the Internet that one or another doctor will offer this to you. Usually there are very special circumstances behind any such offer and it was a one time deal. However, all the doctor is usually actually offering is that you don't have to pay his fee. But you are still responsible for all the other fees related to the surgery, initial diagnosis and post-op care.

Not having to pay the surgeon's fee will definitely reduce the money to be paid out. However, there are still all those other costs to be considered. Among these additional costs will be the nurse's fee, the anesthesiologist's fee, the medication costs and most likely even the diagnosis costs before the operation can be conducted. You will find all these things added together can still be quite a good bit. Read and pore over any papers you get before you sign and agree to something, some fees, that you didn't think you would have to pay.

Health insurance could be a way to get your vasectomy reversal done without cost to you or at least not a lot of outlay to you. However you must carefully check through your insurance provider's policies to see if it will cover this type of operation. Just to be safe if it looks like it is, get it in writing before you sign up for the operation.

One thing you could look for, that although it does not provide a free vasectomy reversal, is to find a surgeon or clinic that has a payment plan. In some ways, it's like getting a loan that you pay back over time. Others expect all payments to be made up front before surgery even begins. You will need to check with the surgeon or clinic to be sure you actually qualify for such a payment plan.

The other way a person could try to raise the finances in order to pay for the procedure is by going to their bank or other financial institution to see if they would be willing to loan them the money. But a person will need to seriously consider this option as it means that they have to pay the money back at a later stage.

So there you have it. Your best chance of going through with this operation if you do not have sufficient funds is to try to get a loan or to see if your health insurance will cover it. Unless you have a fairy godmother waiting to donate you the funds, the chances of a free vasectomy reversal are very slim. Even with those that offer to waive their surgical fee, you find there are additional cost you still have to cover.

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