Can You Have Driving Lessons in Your Own Car?

By: Candice Hubbard

Learning to drive is a big task. It involves hours of study and practice time in order to gain the skills and knowledge you need to pass the test. Many people wonder about the differences between getting driving lessons from a professional or from a member of your own family. Using your own car may be an option for both of these, but there are things to consider about this too.

Your family car

If you are trying to get your provisional license, chances are you do not own your own car yet. You may have access to your parentsí or other family membersí car. They may even be willing to teach you how to drive in it. But it is important to consider if the car that is available is right for you. Is it easy to see out of mirrors and windows? Is the seat easily adjusted to fit your frame? Is the car a stick shift or an automatic? The type of car can make a big difference during your driving test. Unlike the cars at Brisbane driving schools, your home car is not designed to ensure the best results on the road. It also does not have the safety mechanisms that driving school cars have.

The school car

Professional driving schools have cars that are designed to learn how to drive in. They are easily adjusted to fit many shapes and sizes. They have easy visibility for shoulder and mirror checks. Everything on the car is always in good working order. This makes sure the car is safe and easy to drive. The most important feature, however, is the dual controls. This allows a driving instructor to take control of the carís brakes, steering, and other devices in the event of an emergency. Most school cars are automatic shifters, unless you request a standard type. The school will almost always allow you to take your driving test in their car so you are familiar with the vehicle.

Using an instructor

It is important to use a qualified instructor when learning how to drive. There are many things they can do for you that members of your family cannot. First, they know the most up to date information on the driving test. This means they can prepare you the right way in order to pass. Second, they will use the right teaching method so you can pick up the skills quicker and easier. Third, using an instructor is safer. They have training in how to foresee an accident and react accordingly. Some schools will give driving lessons in your own car but it is not common. You will most likely be required to use a school car, which is better for learning anyway.

Learning from family

Learning how to drive from a family or friend can be very stressful. Your relationship with that person can affect the ability of both of you to stay non-biased. Your family member or friend probably learned to drive many years ago, and may not remember what it feels like. They are not up to date on the latest changes to the driving test. They are also not trained in how to react and respond. It is better to get professional driving lessons from a local school.

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Candice Hubbard works for the school board. She connects students to Brisbane driving schools in order to promote effective driving lessons. She is interested in travel, yoga, and water sports.

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