Can Sysinternal Process Utility Tools Make Your PC Smooth and Faster

By: Brooke M. Perry

Sysinternals tools are developed with an aim to offer quick and effective results while troubleshooting and managing your Windows PCs. The process utility tools help you manage various difficult tasks within a few minutes only and also offer instant solutions to issues related to particular problems. Executing programs on remote systems, monitoring Registry and process/thread activities, extracting reliable process information and displaying information about open handles for any process is now easier with these tools. You can also get a detailed report of the DLLs loaded into processes, highlight debug output and perform malware hunting using efficient process utility tools.

In this article, you will read about the various Sysinternal process utility tools that can run your PC smoothly and comparatively faster.

1. Process Monitor

Process Monitor is an excellent as well as advanced monitoring tool for Windows that can manage and troubleshoot all the Registry and process/thread activities. Empowered with features of Filemon and Regmon (Legacy Sysinternals utility tools) the tool can also perform rich and non-destructive filtering.

By displaying a real-time file system, the utility tool can easily show the event properties including session IDs and usernames. Offering reliable process information, Process Monitor is capable of displaying symbol support with full thread stacks for each operation. Some of the powerful monitoring and filtering capabilities of this tool are mentioned below:

· Can log in to a file simultaneously while running separate threads

· Helps in system troubleshooting by conducting efficient malware hunting

· Non-destructive filters ensures setting up filters without losing valuable data

· Captures various segments of process details, including command line, image path, and session ID

· Can configure filters for data fields that does not includes columns

· Process tree displays relationship of all processes

· Potential search with cancellation feature

· Automatic log off from all operations during boot time

2. PsExec

Have you ever thought of running programs on a remote computer? If no, then you can easily execute programs on remote systems by deploying this Sysinternals process utility tool to your system. You might have come across various remote control programs that allow you to execute your programs on a remote system, but only after installing the client software on them. By using this utility tool, you don’t need to install any client software on the desired remote system rather PsExec acts as a light-weight protocol-replacement for executing your programs.

It not only lets you execute processes on other systems, but also offers full interactivity for console apps. Empowered with the capabilities to launch interactive command-prompts, the tool can also enable various remote tools, including IpConfig to show system information of remote PCs.

3. Handles

Handles work efficiently in displaying the information about a program in which a particular file or directory is open? It works as an excellent managing tool, when you try to open a file and the system is responding with a message that “The file you’re trying to open is already in use by some other program.”

Apart from offering information about opened handles for any process running on the system, this tool can also be utilized for displaying the object types and naming various handles used by a particular program. Process Explorer, another process utility tool, is a GUI-based version of this program. Targeted for searching information of files that are open, the tool can also:

· Dump information about ports, Registry keys, threads, and processes

· Close a specified handle using its PID

· Stops confirmation prompt for closing handles

· Can publish count of various types of handles that are open

· Displays owning username when the tool is asked for searching handles.

4. ListDLLs

ListDLLs is used for displaying the amount of DLLs loaded into various processes. It’s a bi-lateral tool that can be used to list all DLLs loaded into all processes or to list all the processes that have a particular DLL loaded. Digital signatures of DLLs and scan processes for unsigned DLLs can be easily obtained by using this process utility tool to present information for DLLs in a full version. One of its amazing features of this tool, include dumping all the DLLs associated with the specified process ID.

5. Portmon

Portmon, another Sysinternal utility tool is widely used for monitoring and displaying numerous serial and parallel port activities on a Windows PC. Empowered with advanced filtering and search capabilities, the tool can present the exact description of the way Windows operates. It can be very effective in figuring out problems in system or issues related to apps configurations.

Its remote monitoring feature can be used for capturing kernel-mode and/or Win32 debug output. You can easily obtain this information from any computer which is accessible via TCP/IP. Portmon will even install its client software itself and you can monitor multiple remote computers by using this tool. Remembering your recent filter selections and selecting multiple lines in the output window are the most prominent activities carried out by this utility.

Above mentioned are some of the process utility tools that can help your PC run smoother and faster. Download the whole toolkit or make selections according to your needs and preferences to manage your Windows PC in a better way. The huge collection is made available for download at Microsoft’s official website and the free Windows utilities are also offered online on Sysinternals Live. This Live service allows you to execute these utility tools directly from the Internet, without downloading them manually.

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