Can Raspberry Ketones Help Loose Weight?

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Raspberry ketones are the aromatic compounds that bestow the pleasant aroma to the red raspberries. These aromatic compounds have been extracted from the raspberries and used in the manufacture of a wide range of products that we consume. They are used in the manufacture of cosmetics such as sweet smelling perfumes, sprays and deodorants because of their pleasant and sweet smell. These aromatic compounds have also been utilized as flavoring agents or additives in the processing of soft drinks, puddings and also ice creams. Losing weight is hard with today’s lifestyles and the unhealthy food at our disposal. Discovery of raspberry ketones have helped improve the situation.
Scientific research has also hinted that raspberry ketones have the ability to help those who are heavy weight to cut down on their weight. According to scientific research studies done on mice, raspberry ketones can help reduce weight. These mice were fed with high fat diets and then after some time, they were administered raspberry ketones. This prevented the excessive weight gain by stimulating the process of fat breakdown called lipolysis in the body. The raspberry ketone suppresses the production of an enzyme called pancreatic lipase. This enzyme helps in the digestion of dietary lipids to prevent their absorption via the small intestines where absorption takes place.
Rodents and human beings have different physiological characteristics and this is thought not to work in human beings. This therefore calls for more clinical studies and research. However, people are always advised to consume raspberry ketones and their supplements for many reasons including weight loss. These products are low in calories, highly nutritious and contain high fiber content that helps prevent constipation. Raspberry ketone reviews that the product is purely natural with no side effects. They contain antioxidants that are essential in detoxifying the body. Detoxification enhances metabolism enabling one to lose weight. They also contain anthocyanin, vitamin C and beta carotene that improves the fight and flight hormone norepinephrine ability to burn fats.
Raspberry ketone promotes the production of the stress hormones which increases the heartbeat leading fats being broken down. They also prevent the increased build-up of triglycerides (form in which fats are stored in the body) in the blood after eating a high fat meal. Pure raspberry ketone consists of natural components that improve the metabolic rate and the immune system. They help control your appetite while improving metabolism to burn the excess fats. They also increase insulin sensitivity for the metabolism of excess sugars in the body which are later converted to fats for storage.
Raspberries contain trace amounts of these aromatic compounds naturally. Raspberry ketones supplements with concentrated amounts have been made synthetically. These raspberry ketone supplements have been released in the market to aid people lose weight such as the red raspberry ketone derived from the red raspberries. These supplements also hold other ingredients such as resveratrol, mango extract and green tea. One should consume ninety pounds of raspberries or a hundred milligram of the supplement daily. Raspberries have become popular and have received lots of praise.Together with regular exercise and well balanced diet composed of healthy and whole food, raspberries help reduce weight.

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