Can National examination Reflect the Students Value?

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Another year when the public examination. As expected, the central authority in 2011 the number of candidates once again exceeded a million civil servants.

With provincial and municipal organizations, civil service examinations, the examination of population is undoubtedly an astronomical figure. Candidates are civil servants called "red collar", as more than "white collar", "Jinling" a higher level of career choice.

Civil service exam has been red hot. In order to become civil servants, candidates are willing to spend heavily to build their own: to buy reference books, newspaper remedial classes, provisioning clothing, hair ... ... the civil service examinations do more than just a common sense of the exam.

In early 2007, the Central Organization Department decided to explore the village cadres from the outstanding civil servants the examination of township and, in Hubei, Zhejiang and other five provinces and cities to carry out the main cadres from the village committee in the examination of township civil service pilot. Sun Qiang of the counties where two or three every year, leaving the civil service indicators University Student Village and grassroots cadres, for those years of work at the grassroots level rural cadres, this is a very rare opportunity to positive.

2008, 2009, Sun Qiang twice participated in the civil service examination, but without success. After the introduction by acquaintances, Sun Qiang, a teacher looking for a face to face training, "a class of 3,000 yuan,” wrote primarily training courses (executive career Aptitude Test and the application of) and the interview in two parts. Months of training down from time to time, Sun Qiang spent 3 million yuan. Of course, the "astronomical training" also brought a return to the Sun Qiang. In the third civil service examinations, he finally emerged from the hundreds of competitors, was formally accepted as a township civil servants.

Sun Qiang probably figured as a civil servant to pay the costs: Application fee of about 100 yuan, 200 yuan medical examinations, pro forma information is 100 yuan, 100 yuan transportation, for buying a suit and a pair of running shoes were worn by physical testing 500 ... ... Total number of cost no more than 1,000 yuan. However, if coupled with training costs, numbers all of a sudden turned a few times.

The face of personal entry into the civil service, National School of Administration researcher Hu Xianzhi the "China Economic Weekly" interview, "the vast majority of candidates, participation in public examination of the inputs and outputs are not symmetrical; particularly now that many students, graduate students, spend a lot of time to prepare for the exam, and the result is not controllable, because the barriers are too many links too long, the competition extremely risky.

The article said that state test in 2006 10,282 jobs, the number of applicants nearly 100 million, 36.5 million people to take the test, the total cost of more than 270 million yuan, the cost of hiring a civil service up to 26,000 yuan. This is just to recruit a Senior Staff, as the following non-leadership positions in the ordinary civil servants and office workers of the cost.

Related analysis to reporters, civil servants recruited from the process, economic costs are relatively high. Compared with 2006, the current costs associated only to rise. "Since the year 2006, China CPI (consumer price index) 1.5% annual growth, the growth rate much lower than the year the government set target of 3%; and October 2010 CPI has reached 4.4%. So, hiring a cost of the civil service is only 26,000 yuan more than the year high not low. "

Population in the CASS-Wei Zhang, deputy director of view, the researchers calculated that a civil servant employed full cost to the community, not government direct financial input costs, "With the increased number of civil service examination candidates, the corresponding training, time and financial resources will increase, the cost will naturally increase more. Now pick from a few thousand people, over the fierce competition will inevitably result in rising costs of examinations to recruit, the current exam costs have far more than hiring a person through the examination the concept of cost savings. From an economic sense is not worth while to. "

Some scholars suggested that the implementation of the process of recruiting in the civil service, lack of budgetary restraint.”This is mainly reflected on the human resources management procedures, such as overseas recruitment to key personnel in the public sector, often spend lots of money, and spend a lot of money, only to little effect."

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