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By: Anastasia Moore

Being entangled in a crazy criminal mess is already one big pain in the neck. Fighting to prove yourself innocent is will give you not only physical pain but psychological and emotional torture as well. People wrongly accused of a criminal offense do not go to prison without given the opportunity to defend themselves. They do not need further accusations to their already notorious case. What they need is a heck of a Maryland defense attorney to prove their innocence. Unfortunately, only few people can afford very good defense attorneys. And in most cases, these are the guilty ones. Everybody knows that brilliant defense attorneys can get anybody off the hook out of very narrow technicalities. If that is the quality given to wrongly accused suspects, our countryís prisons will have lesser innocent convicts.

Realistically speaking though, that is not the case. Innocent suspects with no money stored aside for emergency situation (such as getting the blame for someone else's) are declined to get mediocre attorneys for their case. Well, it is better to have subpar representation and defense than no defense at all. These people are supposed to be the ones deserving the expertise of a renowned Maryland defense attorney, not those obvious crooks who get away with anything because their money can hire defense attorneys who can bend and twist the law.

When one looks at the matter on the business point of view, we canít really blame a Maryland defense attorney if he or she charges expensively. I mean, it is already hard to study the laws of the land. Finding loopholes to the advantage of their clientsí cases must be so much harder. Defense attorneys must have excellent command of the legal language, proceedings, articles, and sections. Some just do not have the cleverness and skill of the reputed defense attorneys.

That reality is kind of sad, is it not? Innocent suspects are thrown to incompetent defense attorneys while real criminals get the good ones and get away with their crimes. We know that life is unfair, but this is just too much. Guilty people do not want to be convicted. Heck, innocent people deserve to feel that sentiment, yet, they are usually the ones who go down the long, dark pit. Unless some benevolent law firm starts putting the clientsí innocence and credibility first before money, this pitiful situation will go nowhere. I donít how they can do it. Maybe they can open a program for underprivileged clients who badly need their help. Clients can pay the Maryland defense attorney in installments for example.

However, law firms are still businesses. These idealistic concerns barely affect them. So what is left for the rest of us? When wrongly accused, do we just step aside and go to prison because the defense attorney that we hired is a good-for-nothing sissy? Maybe itís time to start preparing for our security. Find out the fee of one reputable Maryland defense attorney, and start saving for this terrible possibility. We can never be sure that within our lifetimes, we will never be suspects of random crimes. We owe it to ourselves to prepare for our continuous freedom.

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