Can Contact Lenses Cause Eye Infections

By: Ross Thomson

Wearing contact lenses offers a host of advantages over wearing prescription glasses. But it is also a fact that improper use of lenses can cause damage to your eyes. Here are a few simple tips you can bear in mind to ensure that your contacts donít cause harm to your eyes:

1.) Handle lenses with a clean hand: Make sure that your hands are clean and dry before handling your contact lenses. The best way to ensure this is to clean your hands with water and a non-moisturizing soap. Once cleaned, dry your hands using a clean towel. Lint free paper towels are highly recommended than ordinary towels.

2.) Clean Lenses On A Daily Basis: It is important to clean and disinfect the lenses on a daily basis unless of-course you are wearing a daily disposable lens. Here are a few points to bear in mind while cleaning your contact lenses:

a.) Make sure that you get complete information about the various cleaning options available and best practices from your eye care professional.

b.) Use separate solutions for cleaning, rising and storing the lenses. Separate solutions are safer and more effective than all in one or multipurpose solutions.

c.) Never use water (tap or sterile) to rinse your contact lenses. Also never use saliva to wet your lenses.

d.) While cleaning make it a point to rub the lenses with your fingers before rinsing them. This will remove any protein build up and disinfect the lens properly.

3.) Store Your Lenses Properly: After cleaning and rinsing your lenses with proper solution, store them in the lens case. Make sure that you have placed the lens in the correct compartment for the left or right eye. Now fill the case with the storage solution and close the lid. Always use fresh solution to fill the case instead of topping up leftovers.

4.) Keep Your Contact Lens Case Clean: Unclean contact lens cases can be a source of contamination and infection; so make sure that you keep them clean. You can clean the case with solution and let it air dry in the open. Make it a point to inspect the case for cracks or damages and replace it every three months.

5.) Follow Proper Schedule: Strictly follow the schedule prescribed by your eye care professional for wearing and replacing contact lenses.

6.) Avoid Smoking: Studies have shown that contact lens users who smoke tend to develop complications at a higher rate than non smokers. So make an effort to quit your smoking habit if you have one.

7.) Consider Daily Disposable Lenses for Sporadic Use: If you are going to be using lenses sporadically, it is recommended that you use daily disposable lenses instead of a monthly or continues wear lenses.

8.) Contact Physician Immediately In Case of Problematic Symptoms: In case you experience symptoms such as redness or pain in the eye, tearing, blurry vision, discharge or swelling, remove your contact lenses immediately and consult an ophthalmologist.

9.) Get Your Eyes Checked on a Regular Basis: If you use contact lenses it is recommended that you get your eyes checked at-least on a yearly basis. In-fact the more often you get your eyes examined the better. Contact lens prescriptions do expire and regular check-ups ensure that you are wearing the right prescription of contact lens which is crucial for the health of your eyes.

So follow these simple precautions and stay safe.

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