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There are major differences between the traditional cheap coolers and modern ice chests. And that is what people want to know when they are looking for the best coolers.

One of the key differences is the type and thickness of insulation. Compared to the traditional cheap cooler which is blow molded cooler that is hollow inside, (so it works on an air gap to provide insulation for the food and beverages inside)True Blue Cooler is rotomolded (like a kayak) and uses a 2-part polyurethane foam mix to provide insulation inside. The insulation is much thicker as are the polyethylene walls. The better thicker insulation will provide for better ice retention providing the cooler is packed and used in the right way. Thick insulation can also absorb a lot of heat of the day, so if you start with a warm cooler that's been sitting in the sun, and put 1 bag of ice in it, that heat is going to transfer straight into your ice and melt the first bag fairly quickly. So it's best to pre-chill your cooler using a sacrificial bag of ice a few hours before, and to ensure your cooler is properly packed. For more tips: how to pack a cooler.

Strength of coolers is the next big difference between the old and new ice chests. That is if the cooler can be sat on, stood on and moved around when full of ice and food. Compare to the cheap traditional ice cooler, True Blue Cooler is much stronger.
Gasket seal is what separates True Blue Cooler from cheap traditional cooler. True Blue Cooler have a gasket seal around the lid to properly seal the cold air inside when the lid is shut.
These are just a few of the differences between a traditional cheap coolers and a modern rotomolded True Blue Cooler. To learn more about the best ice cooler just visit True Blue Coolers website.

Consider the benefits then of owning a rugged, durable polyethylene molded ice cooler with double thickness polyurethane insulation where the ice lasts for days not hours, tough enough to sit on and stand on whether your into tailgate parties, hunting in your favorite location, camping in the backcountry, fishing up the river or commercial deliveries.
How would it feel to arrive at your destination knowing your food and drinks are kept safe and cool and your ice will last for days in a stylish ice chest cooler?

That's what awaits the astute outdoor-lover who is ready to eliminate the worries of poor performing ice coolers... when you buy from True Blue Coolers, the USA's most affordable high performance coolers.

True Blue Coolers products have been developed over years of trial and testing in some of the world's harshest environments to bring you a stylish, efficient, long lasting cooler that will suit your needs.

Yes, like so many other Americans, you too deserve to enjoy the benefits of products designed to keep ice 3-10 days.
If you can relate to any of this then I urge you to study the information contained within this website. In these pages lies your solution to quality, efficient food and beverage storage at a price you can afford.

Stop compromising and choose a quality, high-performance ice cooler that suit your needs.

Take action. Order your "Official Guide" to quality, top performance ice coolers that eliminate the hassles associated with traditional coolers.

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