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By: IsidropLevine

Camel Spiders became a internet sensation from rumors and myths of their murderous nature began to spread over the internet during the Iraq war in 2003, many rumors where uploaded on the web with images of spiders almost half the size of a human to get people to believe the rumors to be true.

Image of the Camel Spider in the wild
Throughout the years rumors from the Middle East have made people believe that Camel Spiders are large,poisonous hunters that are able to run as fast as a human. People also started telling people that they had a very hungry appetite for large mammals, just like the rest of the myths this is all untrue, these animals do not actually eat camels stomachs or sleeping soldiers they are also not as big the camel spider is actually only 6 inches long.

The history of the Camels spider has a lot of wrong information and it begins with the wrong identification, Camels Spiders are not actually spiders, they are very like spiders but their class names is solpugids that are members of the Arachnid family. People who have added photos to support that the creature is six times bigger than their actual size has a very misleading perspective, it is true that they are fast but only compared to other members of Arachnid family, their top speed is known to be 10 miles per hour.

Camel spiders are not deadly in any way to humans, their bite is painful and there are chances of infection but they are not able to kill humans, but they are able to bring death to insects, rodents, lizards and small birds.

These desert occupants have very large and powerful jaws that can be up to one third of the size of their body length, they use them to grab their victims and pulverize them using a chopping or sawing motion. These creatures are not venomous but they do make use of their digestive fluids to liquefy their victims flesh to make it easier for them to suck the remains into their stomachs.

The Camel spider facts 1- the camel Spider isnít actually a spider it is classified as a solfugid which is still part of the Arachnid family, but technically not a spider.
Camel spider facts 2- camel spiders in fact only use 3 pairs of legs for running. They hold out the front two legs in front of them to use like antennae.
Camel spider facts 3- the camel spider got itís name because it lives in the desert like the camels, itís name also originates from the myth that they attack camels by jumping on them and eating their stomach to lay their eggs in.
camel spider facts 4-The camel spider is not poisonous, neither does it have venom.
camel spider facts 5 -Camel Spiders can grow up to 6 inches in length.
Camel spider facts 6- While this spiderís bite is not harmful it is prone to infection, but the Camel Spider can kill small animals, in fact it eats other insects, small lizards, small mice and birds.
camel spider facts 7 -It is rare for a human to be bitten by a camel spider but it can happen and if it does you should go straight to a doctor right away to have the bite wound cleaned because the bites can get easily infected.
camel spider facts 8- The terror associated with camel spiders came in part from the early 90′s when U.S. soldiers were returning from desert storm they told stories about the camel spiders they had seen there, as our troops had returned from Iraq
Camel spider facts 9 -The camel spider can only run 10 mph the reason why people think they are chasing them is because they donít like to be out in the sun so they stay in your shadow and as your shadow moves so does the Camel spider.
Camel spider facts 10- Solifugae are moderately small to large arachnids

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