Calling all SA Teachers to COME HOME!


Let me first begin by greeting you. I am writing from South Africa, where the situation as some people may believe is really really bad. But, donít believe all the tales.

You DONíT get robbed every time you stop at a robot (traffic light).

You DONíT have to drive with your windows rolled up

And your children wont get kidnapped or worse if they go to the park.

Some people have spread a lot of stories about our country, some may be true, others exaggerated. But the story I want to tell you is TRUE. Every bit of it.


Yes. Almost every day, more than 18000 - that's eighteen thousand people - apply to immigration agents to leave the country for better pastures. Most of them are professionals and many of them are teachers.

Lured to Teacher Jobs overseas, or Au-Pairing in America etc.

A year or two down the line, many of them come back.

Our country is not perfect but whose is? Yours? I doubt it.

What I am proposing is that Teachers, and other professionals, make an effort to come home. Come Home to South Africa.

I am a member of a Professional Teacher Recruitment Agency, and I have seen the result of our teachers leaving our shores. We urge any teachers that were qualified in South Africa and that have birth residency, to return home and fill the shortages that we are so desperately needing.

We constantly are getting in Teacher Vacancies, Child Care Jobs and Au-Pair Positions for many areas around Gauteng (the province that Johannesburg and Pretoria Lie In). So, contact us now via our website and see what we can do for you!

Like so many people, Teachers are always concerned about money. What salary will I get? What perks? What benefits?

I know for a fact (due to my wife been a Kindergarten Teacher for the last ten years) that Salaries for teachers are on the increase.

Every year, a teacherís salary is increased by on average 10% from the previous year, and private schools try to increase this even more!

Most GED (Gauteng Education) posts also grant Housing subsidies and Medical Insurance.

I tell you again, Teachers Come Home. We need you. Think of why you became a teacher in the first place?

You wanted to Teach?
You love children?
You want to make a difference?

Thatís why you must come back? Not because the salary is getting better. Not because the country is stabilising.

Come back because you WANT to.

Because of the children.

Who is going to teach them if all our teachers leave?

Teachers, come back, and save your country!

Current Vacancies at

∑ Temp post for Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7, Geography and History at a Private School in Gauteng
∑ Domestic Workers needed for several areas
∑ Au-Pair needed in Haterbeesport dam to look after an 18 year old girl with Autism.
∑ High School English, Maths and Science Educators needed
∑ Nursery School Teachers needed for Grades 000, 00, 0 and younger classes

Again, I ask you. Teachers. Find it in your heart to come back and teach the children. No one else can.

Christopher P West

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