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By: George Velvet

A death in the family is always a sad and heartbreaking time. Dealing with such a misfortune itself is difficult, let alone taking care of the customary traditions that follow. Arranging a funeral service requires organising multi-facilities like the hearse, floral tributes, the memorial and other smaller details. All these not only require experience and professionalism but also a touch of sensitivity and a warm disposition that help you to tide over the trying times. You can expect such specialized service from the funeral director in Farnborough who is just a call away. So if there is a family bereavement in Basingstoke, you can confidently look for the neighbourhood friendly funeral director who will take care of all the finer details.

When you have a family bereavement in Basingstoke you can rely on experts to put in order a service that doesn’t mourn death but acknowledges and appreciates a life well-lived. The usual services provided by the funeral director in Farnborough is arranging for the paperwork, hearse and cortege vehicles, floral arrangement and a memorial or headstone as a permanent tribute to the departed soul. However, this is not where it ends. You can avail special services too which can be your way of bidding adieu to your loved one. You can search online for the contact details of these service providers and call them up.

The funeral director in Farnborough will drop by your home and discuss the services you are looking for. If you have an eye for environmental concern, you can opt for a willow casket instead of the regular wooden coffin. A religious service conducted by a priest would solemnise the occasion. A small in-memoriam insertion in the local daily would spread the word around. When there is a family bereavement in Basingstoke the comfort of having family and friends near you is a lot more reassuring.

You can also opt for green funeral which allows you to go beyond the age-old tradition of cemetery burial. The funeral director in Farnborough can guide you in choosing a natural burial ground which gives the back-to-the nature aura. You would need a casket made of wicker or bamboo or may even prefer the handcrafted leafy shroud made from local wood and wool. However, a pointer at this time of family bereavement in Basingstoke that would require your collective decision is that natural burial grounds do not encourage memorials. So, you might lose sight of the exact place of burial later on. But, if it is an outdoor homely and natural space that you are looking for then green funeral is the correct choice.

However, for conventional burial you can opt for headstones where the family can gather to pay homage to the departed. The funeral director in Farnborough provides qualified masons to build a memorial as per your directions. Their service does not end with erecting a headstone. They will also tend to it as with time the memorial can gather dust. They will clean the stone, de-weed, put fresh flowers and trim the grass around. For family bereavement in Basingstoke that indeed is a comforting thought that the lost one still gets taken care of. It is just like what Irvin Berlin the lyricist had said, “The song has ended, but the melody lingers on...”.

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A family bereavement in Basingstoke is not easy to deal with. The expert services of the funeral director in Farnborough help to mitigate your grief largely as they take care of everything for the start to the end.

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