Call Of Duty Elite

By: Mel Joelle

The Call of Duty video game franchise has been a staple of the first person shooter genre since the release of its first iteration back in 2003. The series was an instant hit, and it has since seen successful releases on almost every major console. While this success was do to the game’s attractive gameplay and intriguing storylines, it is the game’s multiplayer online mode that truly shot it ahead of all of its competition. The Call of Duty series is credited with revolutionizing the way first person shooters are both created and played online. With the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, scheduled for release in November 2011, the series is set to once again revolutionize the way first person shooters are played online with the introduction of Call of Duty Elite.

The idea behind Call of Duty Elite is to expand every element of the online gaming experience for gamers. Borrowing the concept from previously established services such as and, Call of Duty will provide gamers with comprehensive lifetime statistics compiled from various games. Along with the basic online experience that will continue to be available to everyone playing the game, those who choose to sign up for the Elite service will also receive exclusive material such as monthly downloadable content, real and virtual prizes, daily tournaments refereed by real people and the ability to level up an entire clan along with individual players.

Perhaps the biggest perk of signing up for Call of Duty Elite is that it will allow gamers a more in-depth interaction with the game. An application specifically designed for the game has already been announced for the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. Applications for smart phones have also been announced. These mobile apps will allow players to access their Elite accounts from anywhere and check statistics, adjust their custom load outs for in-game play and much more. The entire idea behind Elite is to create a completely immersive online gaming experience, a goal that the creators hope to accomplish by giving gamers complete access to their accounts and clans at all times.

The catch to all of these features is also the biggest complaint from critics of the service. Unlike previous versions of Call of Duty’s multiplayer online modes, Elite will require a paid subscription. The price for this service is currently set at $49.99 per year. Despite the huge popularity of the game, there has been some resistance from Xbox 360 players who already have to pay for access to online gaming and from Playstation 3 users who largely play on the Playstation Network because it is free. While the Elite service certainly offers lots of extras, the question remains whether they will be enough to entice gamers to pay for them.

Although the service is a big gamble on the part of the publishers, history indicates that Call of Duty Elite will not disappoint. Although it may ultimately appeal primarily to hardcore gamers, new features continue to be announced, and it is looking like it will certainly be worth the cost.

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