California Retreat Centre Planning a Christian Retreat

By: Todd Dawson

As the mentor of a group, you are required to organize retreats at least once a year. This does not have to be a difficult mission to undertake. All you need is a clearly outlined strategy and a perfect location. The second thing does not even have to be pondered upon; the Old Mission San Luis Rey California retreat center would make a perfect place.
Taking the following points into account too would assist in making informed choices.
1. Decide if a retreat is necessary - this may appear irrelevant. But, the fact is that it is the first step in planning a Christian retreat. From the time you announce your decision, you will be showered with hundreds of questions. No church wants its congregation to attend a separate retreat. Be prepared to face questions of any type.
2. Determine the theme - Having a theme is a must if you want your retreat to fulfil its purpose. As someone who knows your team, this is not going to be a tough job. Make sure that it is something you feel that the group needs more understanding about.
3. Plan the date - Determine the date as early as possible. Remember, you have to take care of many things. From collecting the money from the members to arranging for the meals, the list may appear endless. When it comes to food, it is highly recommended that you prefer light meals to the heavy ones. Give the members an idea of the location. Let them bring whatever they feel they would need most.
4. Research on the location - As mentioned above, this is something you can feel assured of. Go for Old Mission San Luis Rey California retreat center; everything will be taken care of. The center facilitates both private and directed retreats. Take care to ensure that you contact the administration in advance before taking a final decision.
All this done, you can book your speakers. If they are from your own area, well and good. Otherwise, you have to arrange for their fees and transportation. When determining the fees, do not go too low to attract participants. Be reasonable in your expectations.
You should also have an easy-to-reserve arrangement. If payment fails to come up at par with your expectations, make use of any of the effective marketing strategies you are familiar with.
Be prepared for a spiritual warfare
Don’t think that things would go smooth just because you are doing a good thing. You are going to face struggles from all directions. The “Adversary” would do all he can to thwart every step of your attempt. Be patient, alert and ready to resist the temptations and fight back.
Finally, do not forget to include some fun activities. You are there to recharge your mind and body, not to take part in a debate.
At the end of it, your group should come up with a strategy to maintain the fervor. It can be anything; a few minutes of daily prayer and reading bible first thing in the morning would do great.

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