California Retreat Center Preparing for a Spiritual Retreat

By: Todd Dawson

The concept of spiritual retreat is familiar to humanity for centuries. Explore the history; you would come across many instances where leaders opted to retreat for a few days before undertaking a mission. But, donít think that a spiritual retreat is just a vacation. It is a time set aside for a communication between God and you. And, to get the most out of it, you should know how to prepare yourself for the same. Locating a California retreat center is not a trouble. But, getting ready for the same may take a bit of time. Here are some helpful tips in this direction.
1. Locate the ideal environment
Know that environment plays a vital role in getting the most out of a spiritual retreat. When exploring your options in the field, go for a center capable of fulfilling your spiritual requirements. If you if a religious California retreat center is what you are looking for, Old Mission San Luis Rey is the perfect place.
2. Choose a beautiful location
Experience shows that having a retreat in a place where nature is seen at its best would add up to your efforts. Here too, Old Mission San Luis Rey comes to your assistance. This is the oldest among the known such places. Nestled in the costal foothills, you are sure to find it easy to detach yourself from the outside world.
3. Trust your guides
There may be times that you find it difficult to accept the tasks being assigned. But, know that they are there to help you. Try your level best; take their advice when you find it difficult to adjust.
4. Allow the silence to help you
If your choice falls on Old Mission San Luis Rey, you are expected to remain silent most of the time during a spiritual retreat. As an average person, you are sure to feel uncomfortable with the stillness surrounding you. But, know that noise is the greatest distraction one can have. Be still for some time or for a few days and know the God dwelling in you.
You should also allow yourself to be detached completely from the outside world; say bye to technology for some time. You may have a phone for emergency situations. But, try to keep it switched off as much as possible.
5. Begin at home
This should come as the first in the tips to get the most out of a spiritual retreat. In a place designed for the purpose, you are required to lead a disciplined life. Starting something new all on a sudden may land you in trouble. Explore your favorite California retreat centerís website and understand the requirements. Introduce the changes one at a time in your daily life. This way, sticking to a timetable would come naturally to you.
6. Talk positive
When you are communicating to those around you, you should keep in mind that they are there for the same reason. The best thing is to avoid communication and allow the silence to prevail. This requirement may vary based on the kind of retreat you want to attend. While some may expect complete silence, others may allow a time for communication.

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