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By: Todd Dawson

If you feel that a project is not going to fit into a regular meeting, the best option is organizing a corporate retreat. This is not a herculean task as you may have been forced to believe. All you need is a clear goal and an understanding of the personality traits of every member of your team. Following the guidelines given below too would help you take wise decisions.
1. Have a purpose
If you want a retreat to be successful, you should have a purpose to fulfil. Know that retreats are not the time to have fun. It is true that entertainment is important. But, that should not be the determinant factor when planning a retreat. The goal should also be feasible; something you can attain within the allotted time. Let the purpose decide the participants you invite.
2. Plan the site
This is not that significant from an economic perspective. Go for a location which your budget allows. However, the search for the best will definitely end up in Old Mission San Luis Ray. This California retreat center is located in a scenic area. Besides, it features large meeting rooms, good food and friendly staff. You can also make use of the spacious guest rooms available all through the year. Do not forget to contact the administration before going forward in this direction.
3. Gather inputs
You may have a good understanding of what your team wants. But, it is always good to ask for inputs. This would make sure that the retreat is a grand success. Understand that by asking for inputs, you are making the members a part of your attempt. It would create a situation where your team is keen to help you attain the goal you have set for the event.
4. Prepare a budget
Preparing a budget is an essential element of any attempt one undertakes. Have an idea of how much you can spend for the retreat. Transportation, meals, devices and facilities available are just a few which command utmost attention. Renting a reputed California retreat center would do a lot in assisting you in this direction.
5. Have fun
It is a must that you give some downtime for your team members. Know that brainstorming and serious discussions can be quite exacting. If you donít allow fun time, you are not going to get anything constructive from your staff. Snacks and meals too should be there. These make sure that the team remains fresh and energetic all through the sessions.
6. Determine the facilitator
This is something you should not ignore at any cost. The person of your choice should be someone who does not create discomfort for any of the members in your team. An outside professional is generally recommended. It may cost you a bit. But, the expert would make sure that things are done in a timely manner. Whatever is the situation, do not entrust this task with the company manager or director.
7. Ask for feedback
Request feedback from your team at the end of the retreat. Be prepared with a good questionnaire. This would help you understand if the event was a success or failure. Preparing an anonymous survey would do wonders for you here.

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