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By: Todd Dawson

Death is something everyone tries to avoid as much as possible. It hurts one mentally and puts a great financial burden on a person’s shoulders. Still, there is no way out; one has to face it. However, the fact is that if your choice falls on the most renowned among California cemeteries, making decisions would not be that difficult.
Tulocay Cemetery
If a funeral home to celebrate a life lived well is what you are looking for, this is the ideal place. It allows you to choose the kind of service you feel would fulfil your duty to your departed loved one. But, the trouble is that a majority of the people do not understand the significance of organizing a funeral. It does three things for you.
• Helps you accept the loss: Experts say that the rituals like funeral are there to create the feeling that someone has died in a family. This helps the families to express their grief and move forward in life. It also brings about some kind of healing to one’s mind.
• Invites the support of the society: It is also said that funeral helps one get rid of the feelings of frustration, anger and regret. When a loved one dies, it is quite natural that the family members feel regret about the things they failed to do for the deceased. California cemeteries, especially Tulocay assist you in overcoming this kind of remorse. You are offered as many options as you want to organize the kind of service you want. This way, you are enabled to honor the departed soul in the best manner.
• You celebrate death: The time when you had to lament upon death is long gone. Today, people feel that death should be a celebration. You should rejoice in the memory of a worthy member of your family. Tulocay funeral home is the best place to do it.
Following are the kinds of services Tulocay cemetery offers.
1. Traditional funeral
A traditional funeral includes the following:
• Visitation
• A formal service to remember the deceased
• The transferring of the body into the burial place.
2. The graveside ceremony
This is generally shorter when compared to a traditional funeral. The nature may vary in accordance with the preferences or requirements of the family members. It can be a private one or a public service open to everyone who wishes to come.
3. Cremation
If you feel that cremation is the best way to honor your loved one, Tulocay cemetery is there to help you. It even facilitates direct cremation.
4. Memorial service
This is the time you remember the departed soul. The body may not be present here. It can be personalized in the way you want to highlight the thing you wish to honor most. Whatever is your option, Tulocay cemetery ensures that your wish is fulfilled in honouring the departed soul.

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