California Cemeteries - Buying a Plot

By: Todd Dawson

The death of someone you love is truly tragic. But, if you are the person entrusted with the task of burying the deceased, you are required to take decisions fast. The job is going to be a bit tough since you do not even have time to grieve for your loved one. But, for a resident of California, this is going to be quite easy. The Cemetery and Funeral Bureau comes to your assistance with clearly defined rules and regulations in this regard. However, you should understand that this body does not license or govern the cemeteries owned by religious organizations and certain other groups. Take care to explore the Internet before making a choice.
When buying a cemetery plot, it is highly recommended that you should go for a reputed organization, like this one. Keeping the following things in mind too would assist you take an informed decision in the matter.
1. Know the legal requirements
The legal system in California offers clear guidelines with regard to the arrangement of a personís funeral. Make sure that you are aware of your obligations when planning to make the purchase. The guidelines may change in accordance with the instructions your loved one may have given with regard to his/her funeral.
2. Cost
The decision to buy a plot among California cemeteries is going to be a huge investment. The land is quite expensive, especially in metropolitan areas. You are also required to purchase a grave liner which is going to cost a few hundreds of dollars. When combined with the charge for additional services, you can expect to spend thousands of dollars. Take care to check if the cost of care and maintenance is included in the purchase cost. If not, you may have to search for those who offer such services. Getting the same from the seller too is an option worth considering. However, if it is not included in the initial cost, you would have to pay for it separately. And, do not forget your right; the service provider is mandated by the law to give you a price list on phone.
3. Conditions for embalming
Embalming a body is not a legal requirement. You are free to accept or refuse an offer for the service. Just fill a form and it would be taken care of. However, keep in mind that if the family decides not to bury the body within one day, it has to be refrigerated. The generally recommended option is to arrange for embalming if you see that public displaying of the body cannot be arranged within twenty-four hours. As mentioned above, Internet is the most reliable source of information in the matter. Visit the website of your State of residence and make sure that you fulfil all your obligations both to the State and to your loved one.
4. Cemeteries for veterans
Understand that all veterans are offered the right for a free funeral in a national cemetery. You donít have to pay even for the grave marker. However, you have to bear all the expenses of the additional services offered.

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Acquiring one among the plots in California Cemeteries is not a small thing. For more relevant informationís visit Old Mission Cemetery at Oceanside, CA.

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