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By: David Hurley

The word Staycation has come into fashion recently, as more people think of holidaying in the UK. Fed up with queues and uncertainty at airports, worried about pollution from jet flights or bored with package holiday regimentation? Why don’t you consider campervan hire?  Whether your motivation for staying in the UK is environmental or financial there are still a lot of beautiful places to visit without going abroad, and plenty of activities for the outdoor minded.
Rightly or wrongly, the restrictions of Bed & Breakfast don't appeal to everyone, and camping holidays leave you at the mercy of the elements, so what's the answer?  Volkswagen California campervan rental gives you the flexibility to travel to anywhere you fancy, stay in comfort, and move on anytime you want to. Maybe the mention of a Volkswagen calls up nostalgic images of the old split screen campers, barbecues and surfing dudes, but now there's a fantastic modern alternative, Volkswagen's own factory built campervan, the California.
The California can double as an everyday vehicle, being fast, economical, safe and reliable.  This is one way of having the benefits of a campervan, but let's look at the business case for buying a campervan of any sort.  Although quality built campers don't depreciate as quickly as a family car, given a price tag of around £37,000 just 10% depreciation alone in the first year would cost £3,700, with comprehensive insurance another say £400 for a mature driver and £180 for Motorhome road tax.  By the time you allow for one service and a contribution towards tyres the cost per year could easily reach £400 every month even when you’re not using it, and that’s without considering the cost of the capital tied up; But there is another way.
If you're likely to use a campervan less frequently, then you could look at a California Campervan hire from companies like One Life Experience Ltd.
For your rental payment you can hire a California Campervan which is comprehensively insured, fully equipped with top quality bedding, crockery, cutlery, cookware, awning and even satellite navigation – not to mention a pantry pack with your choice of tea, coffee, bread  and milk etc.  All you have to do is turn up, put your destination into the factory fitted satellite navigation and set off with confidence.  There is no mileage limitation and for a small extra cost you can even take it abroad.  The great thing is that you only pay for it when you need it, with no major outlay and no worry about garage bills.  For that skiing trip to Scotland in the winter you could have four nights for only £240 and don't forget that cost could be shared by four people.  Even in high season seven nights at the seaside or in the Lake District would be yours for £800.
Our rental California Campervans have 2 double beds, a 42 litre fridge, fresh and waste water storage, sink, gas hob, central heating, air conditioning and even double glazing.  With lots of cupboards and storage space, you don't need to leave your hobbies behind! By the way we can provide an optional chemical toilet, bike rack, roof bars; even bikes!

Each California comes equipped with a large awning as well as an outdoor table and two folding chairs, for an alfresco meal or just to sit in the fresh air and catch up with a good book. On the road a California Campervan hire is powerful and easy to drive. With comfortable seats, armrests and large rear view mirrors you’ll immediately feel confident at the wheel and unlike many motorhomes the California is under 2 metres high with the roof down, so car park height restrictions aren't a problem.

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If you are looking for Campervan Hire then give Kate or David a call anytime on 01908 262433, or visit us at, we’ll be happy to show you round a California and let you see what you’ve been missing...

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