Calibration of Measuring Instruments

By: Jacob Eletto

Measuring and Calibration are two very common terminologies used in Physics and Chemistry, or where ever we talk about an instrument using it to discover the exact quantity or amount of anything may it be a solid, liquid or gas. Measure means to determine the exact given amount where as calibrate means to determine the error in measurement or in an instrument by comparing it with a standard which has the maximum accuracy.

Instrumentos de medición are used for measurement of physical quantities like length, height, weight, pressure, angles, electric power, voltage and all other existing physical measurable quantities. Examples of simple Instrumentos de medición to measure length are ruler and tape, others include Vernier and Gauge, and modern advance instruments are Interferometer and Odometer for measuring wavelength of light and distance travelled by a vehicle respectively. The measured physical quantities with the help of an Instrumentos de medición are always indicated by a standard unit that is the unit of measurement. Assessment and Sensitivity are the main characteristics of an Instrumentos de medición.

International System of Units is the internationally accepted standard system for measuring quantities. It is the modern version of the old Metric System. Weight is the physical quantity with the standard measuring unit in Kilograms. The SI unit for length is Meter.

Commonly used Measuring Instruments

Time can be measured using a Stop watch, Hour glass, Radiometric dating and Transit telescope. Pressure measuring instruments are Anemometer, Barometer, Manometer and Pitot Tube. For Electric charge we can use Electrometer and Torsion Balance. Electric current can be measured using Ammeter, Clamp meter or Galvanometer.

Calibracion instrumentos or calibrators are used to check the accuracy of instruments using a standard and the test instrument. The result is than compared for the recorded error the test instrument is showing. The use of Calibracion instrumentos is a pre requisite before start using a new instrument. When using any instrument for measuring physical quantities there is a red line marked to its use and after that period the instrument needs to be calibrated. Calibration is also required after shifting of any instrument from one place to the other, because the vibration or the shock may alter its working ability. The use of Calibracion instrumentos is also recommended when the observed values become doubtful. Don’t forget to calibrate your Instrumentos de medición if there are extreme changes in weather conditions at the place of use.

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