Calculatem Pro - Can You Really Make Money Using Calculatem Pro?

By: Jeff Garret

One of the most widely used and trusted poker calculators is Calculatem Pro. It will help you to rack in some big pots while teaching you how to best play your hands.

This software was built by the same team that has created Texas Calculatem, an already popular poker odds calculator that claims to have over 25,000 players winning using it! Using their experience with previous success they have come up with this even more powerful tool which works with over a 100 online poker rooms!

You need to know how to calculate all the different odds and put them together in order to come up with useful information that will allow you to profit in poker. Calculatem Pro does all of this for you. Here are some of the features.

-Pot Odds Calculations

-your Odds of Winning on the River (helps eliminate "Bad Beats")

- Odds of winning on the next card

- Determines and displays all possible outs

-distinguished graphics and an easy to use interface

- Hand odds

- All possible outs

- Instant Hand odds

- Drag and drop for easy attach

One of the key features that I like where you don't see anywhere else it the fold depth. It not only tells you who has folded, but when they have folded during the hand.

Calculatem Pro will take all the present information and determine what your opponents possible hands are! Also the players playing style will be shown. Knowing a players style can help you determine what he will do next giving you a HUGE advantage!

Also, Calculatem Pro has a unique auto-read feature that will take into consideration all the played cards and will calculate the odds of hitting the nuts!

If all that isn't enough Calculatem Pro offers two playing modes, full mode and mini mode. You will also be able to customize your calculator to any playing style you wish.

It doesn't matter wether you're a professional or a rookie Calculatem Pro can help anyone to improve their game and rake in some big bucks!

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Before you purchase Calculatem Pro check out Jeff Garrets' review. Discover what poker odds calculator is right for you. Move now and get a FREE Poker Odds Calculator now! Remember, if you're not using one, they're using one on you!

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