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By: Katrie Ronn

Body mass index (BMI) is an easy and convenient method to calculate your body fat and your weight in regards to Your height and a measure which can tell you if you are skin-and-bone., normal, overweight or obese and how much your weight diverge from normal. BMI is a simple and precise number where 20-25 is considered normal, 25 - 30 overweight and above 30 heavy overweight. Because it's a precise number it will notify you just how much you diverge from the normal.

BMI is a measure of your body weight divided by the square of your height, consequently BMI is an approximation of your bodyfat and not a definite calculation of your bodyfat.

As an effect of the simple formula the resulting figure ought to be considered a guideline of how your body weight is currently. The use of this formula results in a BMI a little to high for tall people and a little to low for short people, therefore this simple formula doesn't 100percent take into consideration how the body is put together, Consequently give or take 1-2 BMI units if you are tall or short and one unit if you are normal height, and you are able use the BMI figure to find how is your condition and make use of this as an easy and convenient guideline.
If you are 26 - 27 or above you are absolutely overweight. If you are lower than 19 you're certainly skin-and-bone.

One further thing is the question, what is common in regards to bodyfat? Nobody really knows, it can just be a guide and this guideline shifta with time e.g. BMI for normal has been moved down to 25 and that is now considered the upper line for normal.

BMI calculations:

- Imperial. BMI= Lbs x 703/inches 2 (your inches squared)
- Metric. BMI= Kg/m 2 (Your height in meter squared)

There are convenient BMI charts offered which are diagrams with weight and height as axis and with underweight, normal, overweight and obese parts marked in the diagram. You just go in with your weight and height, and find the area where they cross over.

There are also handy BMI calculators accessible on the internet, where you just input your weight and height and you have Your BMI immediately.

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