CPR Training - The Difference Between Life and Death

By: R.M Coheni

While you probably know that cardiac arrests happen every single day, what you may not know is that close to 80% of those arrests are occurring while the person is in their home. When cardiac arrest occurs, every second that goes by is precious. While calling a rescue squad is definitely important, being able to perform CPR on your family member may be the deciding factor between their life or death.

So, what is CPR? Basically it is a lifesaving technique that can be used on people who are in cardiac or even respiratory distress. CPR helps to keep blood circulating and also provides artificial respiration as well. Although it may not be able to restart the heart, it can help keep the tissues in the body from dying and helps to avoid permanent brain damage while waiting for another method of resuscitation.

The technique of CPR is actually something you can learn online at sites like http://depts.washington.edu/learncpr/ but it is highly recommended that you actually take the CPR training course since you will be training with a cpr manikin that makes the training realistic. Also the instructor will teach you how to deal with different scenarios that you wont find in the basic online guides this will improve your technique.

Usually it is fairly easy to find a place to get CPR training. Many times you can go through either the American Heart Associate or the Red Cross for training. You may be able to find other places to take the class as well. Many times community colleges will offer CPR classes and some hospitals offer CPR training on a regular basis for a small fee.

When you take a CPR class, you will get both instruction and some practical experience. You will learn the basics of how to administer CPR, and then you will get to practice what you have learned on special CPR manikins. Using these manikins will help you to simulate real life CPR

If you are trained in CPR and you use it on someone you love, you can more than double their chance of survival. In the event that you cannot give CPR to someone, their chance of survival goes down between 7-10% for each minute that they wait on help. As you can see, knowing and using CPR can great improve the chances of survival for those you love.

Of course when you are taking a CPR course there are other things that you will learn as well that will be a valuable asset to you. You will learn some basic first aid, how to help someone who is choking, how to deal with serious bites, and other emergency medical procedures. Everything that you learn when taking a CPR class can be extremely helpful, and you never know when your knowledge can save someone's life.

So now that you read this article don't wait any longer, take a cpr training course it can save a life. You can Google "cpr training" in your area and you will find a training course that is available.

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