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Arabica coffee is known as the best coffee beans in the world market, for its strong flavor and also as an aromatic beverage. The Arabica coffee shrub is grown in Central and South America, Caribbean island, Indonesia. Robusta, the same in the strength and flavor grows mostly in Africa. The shrub of these best coffee beans bears boutique of small white flowers with Jasmine like fragrance. The fruit or the bean is normally 13 Ė 19 mm in length, and is red when matured, Coffee contains large amount of caffeine and the effects of which has always been an important element in its drinking popularity. Coffee drinking was introduced by the Arabs, somewhere in the 16th century. It reached Europe only in the mid 17th century, and immediately became hugely popular.

There are two types of lever machines in case of lavazza coffee machines, the manual piston and the spring piston design. With the manual piston, the operator directly pushed the water thorough the grounds, and in the spring designed piston, the operator works to tension a spring, which then delivers the pressure for the espresso. The machines are mechanized in such a manner that they just donít grind the beans but also brew the same with water and milk and serve as required.

Any other espresso machine coffee taste different from that of a lavazza coffee machines because when the coffee is poured in the cup from the machine, it comes out with good amount of pressure, which maintains the flavor and the aroma of the same. The coffee then gets stronger, compared to a simple home made one. The best part of the coffee is the use of creams. The lavazza coffee is any how is known for its thick texture and filling capacity, along with it strong flavour. The lavazza coffee goes best with milk and cream toppings.

Like already mentioned earlier that with the study of the storage and the way to preserve the coffee beans, the designers came up with a very effective idea, which not only suffices these tow problems, but also helps in nil wastage of the same. Like in case of tea leaf, after the liquor is extracted the leaves are disposed, but in case of coffee, there are porous paper pouches known as pods or light aluminum container known as espresso capsules which is made just for the particular number of serve. These espresso capsules are solely manufactured by Nestle Nespresso, under the brands name of Nespresso. The operating unit of Nestle group is based in Switzerland. The Nespresso machines brew espresso coffee from coffee capsules.

The single serve coffee means one cup coffee only at one go, and these are small compact machines, mainly for domestic purpose. Instead of the beans, these single serve coffee machines accepts pods or capsules, were there is no mess and no wastage at all, and with the pressure water flowing through the bags, the power gets dissolved and falls in the cup, leaving the cover alone in the machine.

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