CJC1295 research results worthy knowing

By: Vikram Kuamr

ConjuChem is credited for having developed CJC1295, which is essentially a long acting version of GHRH- Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone. Ideally speaking, GHRH is also referred to as somatocrinin and this peptide hormone comprises of 44 amino acids. Ideally, the arcuate nucleus part of the hypothalamus is the one that produces this chemical compound. Numerous researches continue to be undertaken about this compound to ascertain its likely effects on the human body and even more studies continue to be carried out as well.

Just like IGF LR3, this particular compound has proved to be of great benefit to the human body and a series of research findings have continued to attest to this. To be more precise, the compound has been found to have the ability of bio conjugating with the serum albumin thereby succeeding in increasing its therapeutic window and half life. The presence of the protecting groups that are found within the amino acid is what helps achieve this. They play a very crucial role of preventing enzymatic degradation and in this case, the half life is usually increased from just 7 minutes to 7 days.

Bio conjugation of CJC1295 has in particular been proved in various researches and the results have shown great promises of this peptide to change the use of this compound in the future. Scientists have in particular realized that reactive groups can be attached to the peptide which leads to the production of very stable bonds. This is something of great benefit and it shows that the compound could be of even much more benefits. In the various experiments that have been conducted, the peptide didn’t show any signs of degradation in anyway. In fact, scientists from across the world have carried out lots of experiments in their efforts of ascertaining how effective the peptide is in vivo.

Various research journals providing information about IGF LR3 have reported on many occasions that the dosage is dependent on the increase of GH concentrations. People injected with the peptide during the research also showed an increased amount of IGF- 1 as well in their body. There is no any adverse reaction that has yet been observed in these studies and this shows that the peptide shows great promise in the future. In fact, researchers are also thrilled by the fact that the mean levels of IGF-1 continued to remain over baseline for about 28 days after being administered with multiple doses.

If the result findings are something to go by, there is certainly no doubt that this research peptide can affect human body in more satisfying ways. However, it is worthy to remember that CJC1295 should only be used for research purposes despite these studies being so promising.

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CJC1295 https://www.ironpeptides.com/ has shown to have many advantages which many scientists from all over the world are researching tirelessly. Together with IGF LR3, this peptide has shown a great potent of impacting on the human body in a highly desirable way.

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