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Today, Chinese Electric Bicycles, just like every other electric-powered bike are actively employed for so many different tasks. An ever increasing number of users are continually relying on these unique but simple vehicles for their day to day activities. Of course, the continuous increase in the number of users can be attributed to the many advantages accruable from its use. More and more people across the world are now adopting electric bikes as their advantages become even more apparent. Even more advantageous, are those from reputable companies located in China, a very good example of which is the Tranz Group Limited.

So what are they benefits of using the Chinese Electric Bicycles?

Generally, electric bikes are known to be very environmental-friendly when compare with other heavier vehicles like the motorbikes, and yet, theyíre also very efficient and far more affordable. Even more efficient and cost-effective is the Chinese Electric Bicycles. Thus, many people today are taking them as an alternate but reliable mode of transportation.

Indeed, the advantages are actually enormous. As a student, it enables you to get to school with greater ease than the normal bicycle and you know what, you can just show up in your classroom without the slightest sign of sweat nor tiredness. It is also the right choice for people that love group biking, but because of one reason or the other, find it difficult to keep up with their colleagues. It is also the ideal choice for aged people or patients that are just recovery from an injury as the electric bicycles give them improved mobility as well as the opportunity for them to exercise their weak body.

The electric bike also avail weaklings the opportunity to cover a wider biking range without having to worry about having enough energy for the return trip. It is also a very sure way of overcoming very steep slope or hills that are ordinarily too hostile for the ordinary bicycles.

The common stroke system of the Chinese Electric Bicycle

The Chinese Electric Bicycles come in a wide variety of models, each having different systems for the mode of biking as well as the overall functionality. While some are throttle-based, others make use of pedals.

For the throttle-based bike, power is usually release from the motor by either engaging the twist-grip handle or by simply pressing the lever. It is also very possible for a rider to pedal in conjunction with the throttle. That is for models of electric bikes that feature both throttle and pedal in their structure.

In the case of pedal-based bike, power is usually from the motor whenever the rider pedal. The pedal-based bikes are usually suitable for bikers that hope to augment their normal riding experience with additional power source. This of course will enable them to cover longer distance as well as overcome more slopes and hills.

How to take care of your Chinese Electric Bicycle

For your bike to last long, you must have to take proper care of it. The first aspect you have to give top priority is the battery. Always endeavor to save some power on your battery. Depleting the battery completely usually decrease its life duration. Normally, itís advisable for you to buy those batteries that can run twice the proposed distance you intend riding each day. Always charge the battery fully before using the bicycle.

Always check the pressure of the two tires. If the pressure is too much, try and inflate the tire. But if itís too low, then you have to pump it so as to save the tube and tire. Check your tire pressure regularly and inflate the tires when necessary. Normally, a rightly gauged tire enables you to travel faster with minimal pressure on the battery power.

You always have to make sure your electric bike is kept clean and dry. This is important for too much dirt and grease can cause the bike to be very much slower and of course, this can lead to one or two damage. Always apply applying grease or spray lubricant to the gears, at least once in a week.

Finally, always endeavor to pack your bike in a cool, dry place. Ideally, the temperature range must be between 40 to 70 degrees centigrade. With these, youíre sure to derive the maximum satisfaction from your Chinese Electric Bicycle.

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Abi carter is the sales manager for Tranz group limited in China and has been selling manufactured Chinese electric bicycles for over 13 years. Tranz Group limited in china is also an associate of Tranz Global Corp in USA. They have the full experience to cater to each individualís customerís production needs.

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