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Most of the times it happens that when you meet an old school friend that was quite chubby in school and suddenly you find her slim then you would definitely get surprised? How did you get so slim? Were you actually dieting? What plans were you following? Well we often ask these questions from many people but this excessive weight loss is often the biggest problem for many women. Those women who are healthy and they never think about getting slim and suddenly they start getting thin then they would probably notice themselves in the mirror. Women and girls are not aware from the fact that just the dieting and exercises are not the just ways that are considered to be the biggest causes for the weight loss. There are many such causes as well that give birth to the horrible image of the weight loss. Let us discuss briefly over some of the eminent and vital weight loss conditions.

Firstly we have the problem of eating disorders that makes the person to get attached with the weight loss. These eating disorders can attack the person no matter what is its age. In all such eating disorders we have the two most common orders including the Bulimia and Anorexia that lead the person to face the increased weight lose circumstances. Second most familiar reason is the illness. When a person gets trap into a small fever as well then we normally notice that he is getting weak and this weight lose is just noticed in such conditions. The diseases of AIDS, Cancer and heart diseases can make the person to meet with the weight lose. Even it has also been witnessed that when some test are being taken by the doctor and the use of continuous medicines can also become the main cause reason for the weight lose. Third most prominent is the appearance of parasites in the intestine. Many people would not be aware from these parasites word.

So we would like to tell that these are small worms that are present inside the stomach. These worms attacks at the food items that are travelled into the digestive system and there harmful affects stops the functioning of the digestive system that lead to eth troubles of the weight loss. On the last stage we have the situations of the depression and anxiety. These conditions are much seen in the teenagers and youngsters. When the young boys and girls feel disturbed and upset then they stop their meals and get sleep with an empty stomach. But this empty stomach appears with the outcome of the negative results in the form of the weight lose. All such situations have been quite disturbing for the people and they have to be treated properly and cautiously before any negative results come into being. So all the men and women if they find such signs in them they must get consulted with a health expert and get solved ailment at an increased level.

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