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Lavazza is actually an Italian manufacturer of coffee products. The house imports coffee from all over the world. Lavazza coffee is a splendid layered cup of coffee. It is not only thick but feels heavy on consuming it. It is one of Italy’s favorite coffees. The house operates number of retail coffee shops and they offer traditional coffee drinks as well as whole grain and grounded grain coffee. In recent year’s air pump driven espresso machines have emerged, These machines, are more like Lavazza Coffee Machines which uses compressed air to force the hot water through the coffee grounds. The hot air is typically added from a kettle or a thermo flask. The compressed air comes from either a hand pump or a carbon dioxide cartridge or an electric compressor. One of the advantages of the air pump driven machines is that they are much smaller and lighter than electric machines. They are often hand handled and portable. The latest coffee machine known as the California based espresso Inc. was introduced in 2009, as the first gas cartridge powered espresso maker.

Let’s talk about coffee pods, and I agree that things will come in track, and we can gruel one fact after the other. Coffee pods are also known as coffee pads or coffee capsules. When one goes to buy coffee pods, one knows that the most common products are single serve coffee pods, where in the top cover and bottom of the capsule is pierced making number of holes to let the coffee brew well with water. Coffee pods are pre packed ground coffee beans in their own filter. A coffee pod or a capsule can both reduce the time needed to brew the coffee, and can simplify the brewing processing, by eliminating the need to measure out portions, flavoring and additives from large bulk container. There are also paper coffee pods which can be functionally identical to plastic and metal coffee capsules, provided if the paper pods are individually sealed in separate bags.

Cheap coffee pods are judged by the time it takes to brew, and basically they ru out of strength and flavor.

However there is one basic difference between a coffee capsule and a coffee pod, and that is the packaging system. The coffee capsule is a plastic or an aluminum container, much different from that of a paper filter, and is usually designed for a single brand system, and on top of all cannot be interchanged with any other system.

The single cup systems are normally not interchangeable. Some systems force machine owners to buy capsules from a single company, locking the machine owners to a single source of coffee. Coffee pods re made by variety of manufacturers and are interchangeable between brands of pod.

The single serve coffee pods, bags or even capsules are normally sized for an individual. The pods are used under automatic brewing machine, since most of them are meant like so, help to provide consistency of product strength and flavor for the customers.

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