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By: Glenn Jacob

We are living in a world where computers have completely changed the way we communicate with each other. Emails and chats have become an indispensable part of your lives. However even in this age of technical advancements, we cannot find a single organisation, educational institution or household that does not have papers and documents everywhere.

Documents can be of any type. Whether it is a bank cheque, a presentation report, a report about the quarterly profits, an electricity bill, a credit card statement, a college assignment, a demand draft or just a normal application written to someone, every document needs to be safely secured so that it is not lost with other not so important documents.

Do you suspect that your confidential mails are being read by someone with who has no business of knowing it? Has it become really difficult for you to keep a track of all those important papers and bills? If so then you should stop worrying as C5 envelopes are the solution to all your documents related troubles.

As the postal writing needs vary, similarly the size of an envelope varies. There are different envelopes for different occasions. For instance, for sending a luncheon or dinner invitation, you require a small envelope, for a wedding invitation, you need a comparatively bigger envelope and if you just want to drop a casual mail to your neighbour, family or friend to know how they are doing, you again need a small envelope. But what do you need when there is a huge stock of papers lying on your table, all needed to be sent with proper care? For carrying memos and reports, you need an envelope that securely holds all the documents.

Cards and paper are normally given codes that designate their designs and one of the most common sizes is the A5. We normally use the paper that is size A5 and to fit A5 size paper, C5 envelopes are one of the best suited envelopes. There are some documents that need to be fitted in an envelope without folding and this makes C5 envelopes the easiest choice. Apart from securing your data from unwanted sources, C5 envelopes provide complete safety to your confidential documents.

The most incredible feature about C5 envelopes is that they come in various designs and colours. You can chose from a plethora of options as per your preferences. They can be black if you want to send an official mail, blue for casual correspondence, pink or red for invitations or white or yellow for storing important documents. Apart from colours, C5 envelopes can be customised according to the designs as well. You can select from vast designs such as metallic, non-metallic, pastel, matt coated, translucent, peel and seal and manila envelopes, among others. Whatever may be your requirements and preferences, C5 envelopes match all. Safety and security of the important documents is very important and with C5 envelopes you ensure that all your documents remain safe from external dangers.

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