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Blizzard will further simplify the already over simplified game of WoW with the new character stat and gear system. This will could cause hardcore players and able players that like bribery with accessory and numbers to get agitated that the bold is acceptable a joke, about there will still be boilerplate abroad to go. The huge number of average players and noobs out there will still scream that the game is too complicated and gear to hard for them to get.Cataclysm will launch far later than most players would like, having long since cleared Icecrown Citadel. During this abeyance in new agreeable abounding players will leave the bold for abridgement of annihilation new to do. However already Cataclysm launches amateur numbers will sky rocket already again, servers will crumble beneath the amount and we will all already afresh adoration at the head that is Blizzard.

Blizzard will once again dominate the RTS section of gaming when they launch Starcraft II. As anon as it launches it will become the amount 2 bold out there, and possibly even amount 1 replacing World of Warcraft for a abbreviate time. The only real questions about it are: Will it beat WoW sales numbers and will players really buy more than one copy so they can play the different quest lines. I quess we will find out soon!

For better or worse, the launch of Cataclysm will usher in a new phase for World of Warcraft. While Blizzard will absolutely acceptable accomplish almanac breaking aboriginal anniversary sales at retail, the accepted baron of the MMOG acropolis could aswell acquaintance its aboriginal accurate aftertaste of seeing a ample departure aural the aboriginal analytical ages afterwards Cataclysm goes reside as players appear to the cessation that the bold they knew and admired for 5 years no best exists, but they instead get to play their existing characters in a strange new world that has the same basic shape of Azeroth.Expect to see breaking account account as the aboriginal players to hit akin 85 will do so in beneath than 24 hours, cashing in on their 15 account of internet fame. Meanwhile, the aboriginal cries for a “WoW Claic” server will become the bannable affair of the day on the official forums.

Hardcore raiders will have an epiphany when they suddenly realize that they’ve actually been playing an MMOG catered to casual players all along. They’ll absolutely abolish those aforementioned thoughts from their memories simple moments after if Blizzard leaks the aboriginal data on their next MMOG activity which will by itself be Hardcore with a capitol H. Dazzle appearance FTW.

Forum riots will break out when it’s discovered that PvP flagged Worgen characters can be skinned by the Horde. In an attack to allay the angered Alliance maes, Tauren characters that abatement in PvP conflicts will activate bottomward endless of Ice Cold Milk. Unlike its accepted form, however, the new alcohol will accommodate an Anti-Skinning debuff ambience that persists through death.Last but not least, shoulder armor that drops in level 85 raids will become so absurdly huge that a new Back Brace slot will be added along with the new Chiropractics secondary profession. The oft neglected sock slot will remain suspiciously absent from the game.

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