By Following Simple Techniques Manage Your Stress

By: Mayank Goel

Today if we observe, no single person we will find who is not having stress. We all are having some or the other stress/tension. Our routine life is stressful. Students has a stress of their studies, classes, school and heavy syllabus, employees has their deadline/targets to achieve, family responsibilities and social responsibilities everybody is demanding and we just keep running to satisfy everybodyís need and we get stressed. We all need to learn some stress management techniques or should literally follow some stress management tips.

If we decide we can manage our stress well. Actually stress management is a skill. It totally depends upon you, that to prioritize our daily work / office assignments. If we learn to set our priorities and set our goals we can be miles away from the stress. Managing stress is nothing but taking charge of your emotions, thoughts, schedule and the way you tackle with your problems or hurdles in our life.

First sit quietly and identify the causes of stress in your life. Itís not as effortless as it appears to be. The true sources of stress are not easily identifiable and itís very easy to overlook your own stress-most disturbing thoughts, feelings, approach towards life and your behavior. Naturally you are aware that, constantly you are worried and stressed about your deadlines / targets. But it might be your procrastination, rather than the actual job demands that causes to deadline stress.
The simple way to identify your actual sources of stress then, just observe closely at your habits, attitude and excuses. Positive approach towards life is extremely important. An attitude is nothing but a position which determines your actions, feelings and moods, and it is your action, feelings and moods which determines the action, feelings and moods of others. When you feel, ĎI want to do so many things in life, but nothing is going smoothly, this thought will disturb you and give you a stress, but if you are positive towards life, your stress will be temporary. It depends upon the person that, what exactly he is thinking when things are not going smoothly. Does he believe in himself to rectify the things or he is getting depressed. There are several stress management techniques which can be learnt and can be implemented. So many institutes are available now who teaches stress management techniques and also provide some stress management tips. Some institutes also give depression treatments to their patients/students. Many institutes helps their patients by teaching few breathing techniques, some effective stress management techniques, meditation, laughter and relaxation techniques to feel them comfortable and get rid of depression and stress. They will make you feel comfortable and relax your mind and body and teach how to meditate.

Many deceases in our body cause because of stress. If we learn to become happy, manage our time, prioritize our work and manage our time then we can effectively manage our stress. We have to analyze our own behavior and reason behind getting panic or annoyed then do we blame others like outsiders, family members, friends or colleagues to blame your stress.

Until you accept accountability for the role you play in maintaining the same, you stress level will stay outside your control. If your time management is perfect, you will never get stress of anything. You just need to change your habit thatís all.

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