Buying the right baptism gift

By: Robb Stark

Coming up with great ideas for a baby’s baptism present is no easy task. It is always dependent on what kind of relationship you have to the baby in question as well as the baby’s parents. If you are a close relative - like a grandparent, aunt, uncle or similar - perhaps a more exclusive present is due. If you are invited to the baptism in the capacity of a friend from back in the day or far away, then maybe a different kind of present is needed for the baptism.

Another thing to consider is, of course, if the gift is meant for a boy or for a girl. Many presents for small children are usually considered as unisex, but when it comes to jewelry, baby clothes or other kinds of baptism presents this can appear a tad tricky. Here below follows some ideas and suggestions to make shopping for the right baptism gift a somewhat easier task.

Jewelry as baptism present

Giving away some kind of jewelry as a baptism gift must be considered a classic and it has been the custom for a long time now. It is important to remember that any piece of jewelry will usually not be worn by the baby right away but rather later on in life when the person in question start learning to appreciate things of this nature. Because of this, the jewelry gift should be made in any of the noble metals, such as gold or platinum. The value of these metals usually do not drop over time and as a result the baptism present can later be exchanged for something else if need be. A suitable necklace, pendant or similar will become a great baptism gift.
Silverware as baptism present

A start for a future silverware collection is also a classic baptism present. Do consider the fact that it will take many years for the silverware collection to become complete if you give the away one by one, and that by that time the cutlery might have become out of date and unfashionable. On the other hand, silverware is very practical as a present in general; if you ever run out of imagination in the future, you can always give away a piece of silverware for the future complete set.

Baby clothes as baptism present
Baby clothes can sometimes be considered a bad baptism gift, as it is rather unholy and not very spiritual. But, as always, it definitely depends on the parents. Baby clothes are obviously not as lasting as jewelry or silverware but can come quite in handy for the new parents. Giving away baby clothes can be a good idea for those not very close to the immediate family, but who still wants to contribute with something that will be used right away.

In all above cases, it really helps if you try to figure out beforehand what he parents are like, to help determine if your idea will turn out to be a good baptism present or not.

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Robb is writing about the great time in every Christians life, the baptism. See dop present or, for other gift ideas, see till en baby.

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