Buying a Treadmill

By: Elizabeth Langworthy

Treadmill is one of the most common workout equipments in any gym. It grabs this position quite justifiably given it’s effectiveness in burning off those extra calories. Therefore, getting it home is also a good idea if you are looking to lose all the excessive fat. A few minutes on the treadmill guarantee a complete workout and therefore it is an ideal exercise buddy. However, before you make the purchase, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.
Manual or Motorized?
There are two types of treadmills- manual and motorized. Manual treadmills cost relatively lesser if compared to their motorized counterparts. They can be used very easily and need less space to keep. On the other side, motorized treadmills enable better workouts. You can change the speed whenever you intend to switch between walking and running.
Luckily, with treadmills, you are sure to find one which fits your budget, whatever it may be. If it’s on the lower side, you can purchase treadmills for as little as $50. Simple treadmills can also be bought for anything between $85- $100.
You may get a highly advanced home treadmill but there is no point if you do not have enough space to keep it. Commercial treadmills do offer some state of the art features but they are huge enough and require a lot of space for storage. If you have little space, then go in for home treadmills that can easily be folded.
Understand your motivation for the purchase of a treadmill. Are you looking for a machine which gives you an average walking experience or one which offers you a more intense workout? Your treadmill should complement whatever type of workout you are looking for. If you are looking for a rigorous run on the treadmill, then by all means, get one which offers high speeds. If a better shape is what you are after; settle for model which provides at least an 8-10% decline.
Viability for different relations
Before purchasing the treadmill, do consider it's viability for the different members of your folks. You will want your mom or your wife to enjoy treadmill workouts together with you. In such cases, the treadmill should possess features which suit each age group and energy level. The higher end treadmills usually possess the maximum number of exercise options. Though, they are also dear and can cost upto $1000.
Check for the maintenance necessities of the treadmill of your choice. The manual versions require comparatively less maintenance. You will need to lubricate these manual treadmills once in a month. Motorized versions, on the other hand, call for more frequent maintenance checks and servicing.
Keep these straightforward points to consider in mind and you'll be able to buy the right treadmill for yourself.

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