Buying A Car In Australia - How To Find The Best Car In Terms of Affordability And Carrying Capacity

By: Angie Kim

My son who is an IT consultant and hardware/software specialist who runs his own business expressed his desire to buy a new car recently.

As he is a bright young person who has demonstrated himself to have a keen eye on details and on always finding a good pick, whether it is in buying things as simple and as ordinary as entertainment books for night reading, or buying the right replacement tools for a lawn mower in need of repairs, I jumped on the opportunity to see how he would finalise his choice of selecting and buying his car.

Would he be looking at factors relating to safety of the car, or would he be looking at esthetics or affordability?

Just how would he approach the selection of a car?

The first factor he looked at was the affordability. He was only keen to spend anything less than $20,000 on a new car. Over a period of 5 years, he would be looking at a repayment of $400 a month, so that the total cost of the purchase would only be around $18,000.00

With that amount, paying for the car would no longer be an issue, and would not affect future plans such as paying for a new house as well, as repayment of a house would conservatively be tagged at 30% of a working person's income.

Secondly as he is an IT consultant, he will be looking at the issue of carrying capacity both in terms of passengers and also of goods.

In other words, the car would be useful in carrying the usual 5 persons to their destination with sufficient leg space and comfort, and yet with some possible adjustments in the seats or the boot, will be able to allow the transport of goods, such as his computer diagnostic tools, repair spare parts, computer equipment such as widescreen digital monitors, central processing units and the computer casings and so on.

But how on earth can one get a car at below $18,000 and yet possess the carrying passenger capacity of 5 persons( including driver ) and yet allow the transportation of goods?

The moment this requirement was raised, I could sense the bright young man's eyes brightened up.

"Dad, there is this feature called 'Magic seats' in this type of cars!".

"Magic seats?", I asked incredulously.

"Yes, you can fold these seats up when they are not occupied, and they open up a lot of space, so that there is always more than enough space to fetch anything. And best of all, you can leave behind just one passenger seat, so that a professional man working on the field can go anywhere with one assistant accompanying him, and be able to carry his goods around as well".

Flipping through the internet webpages of the new Honda Jazz, Vincent showed me the attractive images of these magic seats from the Honda Australia Homepage.

"Wow," I thought silently to myself." These magic seats could even be converted into reclining bed for that much needed nap whenever you are travelling extra long distances overnight, and can pull over into a caravan park or a place where you can quietly park your car safely."

I could only be impressed by the way the younger people of today would make their decisions in an orderly and well thought out way.

I could see how the factors of affordability and functionality would be considered in the selection of a suitable car for purchase by a young person just starting out on his first job. No doubt, this would be Vincent's first car, and there would be more upgrades and purchases of other bigger and better cars as he grows his business.

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