Buyer's Guide for Training Shoes

By: Harry Shane

With all its many benefits, running has become a favorite form of exercise for many. Studies show that running can help an individual relieve stress, combat different diseases, lose weight, prevent muscle and bone loss, and even boost one's confidence. Moreover, women who want to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer should run regularly. In short, this is an activity that is absolutely good for both your mind and body.

Before hitting the road, however, you need to understand that getting the right pair of training shoes is extremely important. Yes, there are certain shoes that are specifically made for runners. Using the wrong footwear can actually cause serious risks such as aching heels or shin splits.

When purchasing a pair, the best piece of advice for you here is to get something that is really for running. You have to keep in mind that using your shoes for different purposes is generally not advisable. Besides, walking shoes are generally stiff. In comparison, running shoes are more flexible and are more comfortable to wear.

Knowing your feet is very important, too. Aside from knowing your size, you also have to consider its shape so you can make the right pick. The good news for you here is that many major shoe brands now manufacture different models for different types of feet such as low arches (or more commonly known as flat feet), high arches, and neutral arch.

Now some might have you believe that adults no longer change foot size but that is a common mistake. This means you should be very observant and see if your size has changed. Also, take note that different brands usually vary in size so its always practical to try the shoes out instead of merely relying on the size.

Another excellent tip is to buy your pair near the end of the day. Take special note that feet swells during the day plus they expand when you run or walk. It simply makes sense to get a shoe that perfectly fits at that specific moment.

A common myth among training shoe buyers (or shoe buyers in general) is that your feet will not be at ease when you first wear it and it will require "breaking in" before it feels comfortable. Experts say that your shoes should be comfy right from the start.

As far as price is concerned, you do not use that as a measuring stick to know the quality of a product. There are inexpensive shoes that are actually of good quality while not all costly footwear are perfect either. You can check out training shoes at Slashsport website if you want to purchase online.

Once you're done choosing your shoe, then it's time to enjoy it as much as you can. However, observe its limitations too and be aware about when is the right time to buy a new one. Typically, running shoes will be worn out by the time they are used for 350-400 miles. Your feet's comfort and safety are your biggest priorities so do not compromise them in your attempts to save money.

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