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Box compressor is an important part so its quality must check carefully. The screw compressor is a positive displacement rotary compressor. In this case it will analyze the screw compressor, which has some variants, each for different working conditions. It consists of two rotors of conjugated profiles, one of them is called male and has lobes, whereas the other is called female and has alveoli. In general, the male rotor has four lobes and the female sockets have 6 rotors, however, there are relations of 3/5 and 5/7. The principle of operation is explained by distinguishing the following phases. Fluid enters through the suction inlet and fills the space created between the lobes, the alveoli and the cover. The space progressively increases in length during rotation as the meshing of the rotors is approaching towards the discharge side. This phase ends once the fluid has occupied the entire length of the rotor. Fluid volume decreases due to the final engagement of the rotors, thus increasing its pressure. Fluid is continuously discharged until the space between the lobes of the rotor vanishes. Due to the geometry of the rotor the flow is axial and circumferential. The point at which the fluid reaches the outlet port determines the pressure ratio of the machine. The following figure shows the phases of operation are shown.

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Take online automatic baler from our online store up. Furthermore the twin screw compressors are divided into two groups. No oil flow through the machine - has the following features. In this case there is a play between the rotors at any time come into contact. Rotation synchronization is achieved by outer gear. In screw compressors oil free profile is used for symmetric rotors. Because these compressors operate with oil not have limitations on their performance imposed by the temperature and the pressure difference. The action of these compressors operating at high speeds generates high noise levels. Thus, we should always have mufflers. Gear synchronizers are discarded and the motion is transmitted by direct contact of lubricated rotors. The use of oil changes the characteristics of the screw compressor. Increase the capacity of pressure ratio. There is no need for a jacket around the housing design. Reduces noise and, therefore, the use of silencers are discarded. A filtering of oil in the compressor output is used. The profile of the rotors can be asymmetric and symmetric. The asymmetrical profile improves compressor performance. The following figure shows the profiles listed. So we get a suggestion for automatic baler.

The helical screw compressor or, consists of the following parts. The two screws are not in contact, so this gear is necessary to both rotate in the corresponding direction. Rotor Bearing: Allows movement of the rotor shaft. Maintains separate the compression zone (place where the screws) and the transmission area. It is located comprises alveoli (cavities). Do not allow the oil to drain from the compression zone. Itís Maintains constant temperature system, since this increases when the computer is working. This controls, together with the cooling jacket, the temperature of the computer. Comprise a screw rotor and two opposed satellites with parallel axes of rotation and located in a plane perpendicular to the screw axis. A motor rotates the screw and thus turn the satellite, with the engagement of these provide the necessary reduction in volume and therefore the pressure increases. The following figures are outlined to single screw compressor. To get more review for Box compressor please visit our blog.

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Take online automatic baler from our online store up. Furthermore the twin screw compressors are divided into two groups.  No oil flow through the machine - has the following features.

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