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Just as wine tastes fine, a cigar also tastes the same. After once having a cigar that meets one’s taste, one cannot forget that taste and forever keeps on wanting to have that cigar. Cuban cigars are the most famous cigars all over the world. The utmost reason for their fame is the controversy that surrounds Habanos cigars. Since these cigars were banned they became the most famous of all cigars.

The best Cuban cigar collection needs to be enjoyed and have a slow burn that allows tasting the cigar to its full advantage till its last. The two most significant features of a cigar are the quality of the filler and the brand name. The reputation of these cigars surpasses the cigars itself. These cigars are available in two varieties both handmade and machine made.

Over the years cigars have become a way showing their status among the top executives of big league businesses. Havana produces the best quality tobacco that goes into the making of cigars. They maintain a good weather for perfect cigars. The weather in Havana is perfect for the maturity of cigars but when they are exported the quality of these cigars seem to deteriorate over time. When the cigars are constantly shifted from one climatic zone to another, the taste of the cigar is destroyed as the cigars mature perfectly only in controlled conditions.

Therefore the Cigar Humidor, a box that keeps the cigar moist which is generally made of wood is the most important possession of a cigar connoisseur. Cigars mature in the same way as wines. Thus the more mature is the cigar the finer is the taste of that cigar. The humidor must be maintained perfectly so that it allows the cigar to mature well.

The following are some tips to know how cigars to differentiate the best cuban cigars from the rest:

• The best cigars are not available in the common grocery market. Therefore cigars should always be bought from a trusted dealer.
• The cigars which are dry tend to lose their flavor so the moisture of the cigars should be maintained.
• The cigars which smell moldy, stale or pure awful should not be bought as they taste as bad as their smell.
• The cigars have their own flavor but those cigars that taste like dirt are surely not the best cigars.

The Havana cigars incorporate the” Medio Tempo”, a leaf that lends the cigar exceptional character and flavor. These cigars’ heavy ring gauge, along with the slow burn allows the smoker to appreciate all the intensity and taste provided by these exquisite blends of Habanos cigars.

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