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By: rozer hop

Reselling isn’t a pushover especially if it is a piece of fine art.

This has been the experience of auction biggies like Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

Sometime back, an art collector who had sold one of his pieces way back in 1970s for a song saw the artwork auctioned at an astronomical price.

The incident just did not pass by. An assembly of artists brought a suit against eBay, Sotheby’s, and Christie’s.

They had a point.

The artists wanted a law that gave them part of the profits when their work is resold.

The outcome for them was positive - the enactment of California Resale Royalty Act in 1976 that entitled artists to a royalty payment upon resale of their works.

As one artiste put it, “If my purchaser gets extraordinary profits, I must be allowed, by law, to share at least a part of the booty.”

It is another matter that a U.S. Judge struck down as unconstitutional the California Art- resale law.

The point is, if you put aside great pieces of art, reselling makes good business sense.

Especially in affiliate marketing, which rewards the affiliates for each customer the affiliate brings by his marketing effort.

There is no dearth of the best affiliate programs or reseller programs that prod you into starting your own online business. You can sell websites, domains, and much more.

Some may argue that if you buy resale rights, the modality will work out to be more expensive than setting up affiliate program sales.

They are right, up to a point. But you also make more money as a reseller.
Let us say you sell a product for $ 40 as an affiliate and earn 50 percent commission that works out to $ 20. It may make more sense to buy resale rights for say $ 80 that will allow you to keep 100 percent of the profits.

After selling five products you not only cover the cost of buying resale rights, but also start earning 100 percent profits.

This means you need not be an affiliate marketer to sell other people’s programs online. If you buy resale rights you sell products directly and are entitled to 100 percent of the profits.

Good, that is how it should be – but remember the cons.

Products become stale after a while and will need to be updated. Moreover, as a merchant you must be ready to provide customer service to your clients on a timely basis.

Leaving aside these considerations earning money online as a reseller is a wonderful idea.

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There is no dearth of the best affiliate programs or reseller programs that prod you into starting your own online business. You can log onto to get information on how to buy resale rights .

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