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By: Gordon R Santo

About two percent of US citizen suffer from the problem of underweight. It is the condition when the body weight is lower than the weight that is believed to be healthy for a specified age and height. The problem of underweight can happen due to genetic factors, metabolic conditions, and lack of food or medical problems. The conditions of hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, gastrointestinal problems and liver conditions can reduce the body's capability to absorb adequate nutrition which is necessary for maintaining a proper weight. Some people suffer from the problem of low weight due to the problem of Anorexia nervosa, which is the condition when the person remains underweight due to self-starvation. This can happen along with excessive exercising. Natural products for weight gain provided by herbal FitOFat capsule helps in recovering from the condition of underweight in a natural way.

One can buy natural products for weight gain to get a safe way out to prevent the health risks that are linked to the condition of underweight as the problem of underweight raises the risk of osteoporosis even in young people and there can be other consequences because the person suffering from it, may not notice the damage which happening to the body, and in many cases, these damages are irreversible. The problem of underweight can be a symptom or a secondary condition, which happens due to an underlying or developing disease. There are many other health problems that are linked to the problem of underweight such as:

1. The people who are underweight mostly suffer from low stamina and weakness of the immune system. The problem may happen due to poor absorption of nutrients by the body where the essential nutrients in the form of amino acids or the desired vitamins and minerals are not properly absorbed by the body.

2. People suffering from deficiencies of vitamin D and calcium have a low body weight and can also suffer from weak bones.

3. The people who are underweight may have a weak immune system. The body fails to store energy and the person may find it difficult to fight different types of illnesses. The problem of underweight also causes poor immune system, which may increase during an illness.

4. Having a low body weight also indicates the condition of anemia where the deficiency of iron, vitamin B12 and folate causes dizziness, headaches and fatigue.

5. Women suffering from weight problems may suffer from fertility problems. They may have irregular or no periods.

6. A dramatic loss of weight can cause hair loss and hair thinning because the body is getting less than required level of minerals and vitamins. It can also cause thinning and dryness of skin. This also affects teeth health.

Natural products for weight gain provided by FitOFat herbal capsules give the best solution to get a healthy and risk free weight gain. One can order online to buy natural product for weight gain to protect the body against health risks caused by loss of weight or underweight condition, and to gain muscle mass effortlessly.

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