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By: Sammy Wilson

Low libido or lack of sexual desire is a commonly faced sexual disorder of women in today's times. Very often due to reasons like pressure at the work place, family problems, conflict with the partner, stress, anxiety, depression, childbirth, etc. a woman may experience diminished sex drive. But there is no for concern as this problem can be easily cured with proper medication, diet and lifestyle changes There are also herbal sex enhancer pills available for women which can be bought from the market or from online health stores. But before purchasing them one must ensure they are authentic and contain the following ingredients -

DHEA a hormone naturally produced by the adrenal glands is converted in the body to estrogen and testosterone. Due to ageing and adrenal insufficiency there is decline in the levels of DHEA that results low libido in women

Bishop's Hat known by several different names like - Epimedium, Rowdy Lamb Herb, Fairy Wings, Horny Goat Weed, Barrenwort, has PDE-5 inhibitor which has the same action as Viagra. It promotes blood flow to the genitals and boosts sensitivity of the sexual nerves. It enhances a woman's sexual desire as well.

Black Cohosh known also by the name squawroot it balances the female hormones and stimulates production of estrogen. It helps common sexual disorders of women like - low libido, vaginal dryness, hot flashes and mood swings

Boron reduces excretion of calcium and magnesium and maintains healthy bones. It increases the level of natural sex hormones in the body and leads to estrogen production. It greatly helps menopausal women and is a natural cure for hot flushes. It may help women to get back their lost sex drive.

Damiana a natural herb traditionally used by Mayan people of Central America for enhancement of sexual function in men and women. It is known to work as an aphrodisiac, stimulant, mood enhancer, and a tonic.

Fennel Seed contains a compound called phytoestrogen that has mild estrogen like properties. It effectively regulates menstruation, relieves the symptoms of menopause and increases milk production in nursing mothers.

Arginine promotes blood blow to the female reproductive organ, heightens sexual stimulation and helps women to achieve better orgasms. Studies have shown that postmenopausal women who took arginine supplementation experienced heightened sexual response.

Kamini Capsules a discovery by Ayurved Research Foundation is an effective herbal mix of ingredients like Dhature, Musli, Mulethi Vijaysar, Semal and Nagarbel that work to restore the losrt sex drive in women. It is a unique blend of several forms of bhasma like - Ras Sindoor, Abhrakh bhasm, Nag bhasm, Lauh bhasm and Bang bhasm that increases sexual desire of women and improves lovemaking performance in bed.

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