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By: Chris Robertson

Seafood provides numerous benefits to your health because it is packed with nutrients, essential oils and protein. Unfortunately, if you're like most folks who are always on the go, seafood may not be a part of your main menu very often. In fact, many families reserve seafood for special occasions and might eat it once every two to three weeks at their favorite restaurant. Things are turning around for seafood lovers, however, and now anyone can buy fresh fish online to prepare delicious seafood meals and enhance their menu choices at home. Are you eating healthy portions of seafood each week, or leaving this amazing source of health-boosting nutrients on the table?

According to some health food recommendation charts, we should consume two or more portions of fish per week, especially oily fish. Many people don't know how to obtain fresh seafood locally or buy fresh fish online, or perhaps they aren't familiar with delicious seafood recipes. Either way, fresh fish is often forgotten as an essential part of a healthy diet.

Why is Fish Healthy?

Oily fish such as salmon, trout, sardines, fresh tuna (not canned), herring and mackerel contain omega 3 fatty acids, which have been proven to help prevent heart disease with their cholesterol-lowering capabilities. Shellfish such as mussels, crab, shrimp (or prawns), lobster, etc. provide a wonderful source of minerals and protein but are also low in fat. Even if you don't have a reliable source of fresh oily fish or shellfish nearby, you can easily buy fresh fish online from a reputable seafood store or restaurant.

Oily Fish and Pollutants

Some seafood lovers worry about the pollutants in seafood, particularly the amount of mercury. Fortunately, most oily fish contain only a low amount of pollutants. It is recommended that women who can/will likely become pregnant and women who are pregnant consume a maximum of two servings of oily fish each week. Women who are beyond the age of child bearing and/or never plan to have a baby may eat up to four portions each week. Men may consume up to four portions per week as well. Types of fish that do usually contain high amounts of mercury include shark, tilefish, swordfish and king mackerel. Portions of these should be limited by both men and women, and avoided by pregnant women and children under the age of 16.

If you decide to buy fresh fish online, make sure the seller provides documentation of freshness and has a high rating among its customers. Beware of sites that are vague or that offer no contact information for the company. Legitimate companies will include the full details about their business, shipping process, how they obtain their "fresh fish," how it's packaged for freshness, and any guarantees provided if your package or product happens to get lost during shipment for any reason.

Some seafood restaurants offer the option to order their fresh fish products directly on the Web. These are often the safe option if you're looking for a respectable company with a solid background to buy fresh fish online. You can actually check their reputation and background in their local area to ensure good service and fresh online seafood!

Healthy Preparation and Buying Hints

Seafood is only as healthy as its preparation. As with all meats, grilled, boiled or baked is usually healthier than fried seafood. The types of sauces and spices you choose make a difference too. You can dip your low-fat shrimp in a fat-free sauce or a sauce that's loaded with fat and other unhealthy ingredients. You'll still reap the benefits of eating shrimp, but a fattening sauce can defeat the purpose somewhat - especially if your aim is to lose weight. When you buy fresh fish online, you might find tasty sauces and spices to be available from the same Web store.

Look for healthy fish recipes and healthy sauces to enhance the flavor. You might consider ordering fish online in larger quantities to feed your family several meals. This could help you save on shipping costs. Also, ask if bulk ordering is available if you plan to freeze large quantities of your favorite seafood items. Some seafood products often available online include salmon, halibut, abalone, shrimp, jumbo shrimp, lobster, Dungeness crab, king crab, Ahi tuna, sushi grade tuna, mussels, oysters, and much more.

Enjoy the health benefits of seafood and prepare delightful meals for your family. It's easier than ever when you opt to buy fresh fish online!

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