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By: Gordon R Santo

Male impotence is the problem which can reduce the power to enjoy lovemaking. Men may not disclose about their condition to their doctors and may suffer due to it. Many remain dissatisfied in love relation and feel mentally distressed. Sometimes, the problem happens due to over indulgence in wrong ways of lovemaking. For example - self-indulgence or over masturbation becomes a problem, when the person does it for more than once in one or two days. The addiction to hand practice, can have many side effects. These types of problems can be reduced by taking appropriate cure. Ayurvedic supplements for male impotence problem which contains some rare natural bio-active compounds have proved itself to be very effective in restoring normal functioning of the organs.

The frequency of ejaculation and volume of semen released depends on the age of the person. It can be normal in the younger age to get into hand practice regularly but at a higher age, when the organ becomes dry and dull, practicing it can cause damage to the nerve endings found on the organ. There are some experts who believe that ejaculating more than two to three times in a week can make a person unhealthy. Bluze capsule and Mast Mood oil provide the best pair of ayurvedic supplements for male impotence problem which can revive the flow of blood into the organ and holding power of the muscles found on the organ. It can repair damage to the nerves found on the organ and prevent distress or anxiousness related to performance.

The body processes responsible for normal erection: There are many organs and chemicals processes involved in the process of erection of male organs. For example -

1. A healthy nervous system is needed for the nerve to be able to send the right impulses on the right time for immediate reaction.

2. The nerve sends the instruction which goes through the spinal column to the body organ.

3. The arteries should be healthy on the male organ to be able to flexible to allow blood flow into it.

4. The body should be able to produce the desired level of nitric oxide to ensure the male organ works properly and the muscles or the connective tissues of the male organ should be flexible.

Ayurvedic supplements for male impotence problem ensures that all the above processes in the body works properly to prevent impotence, therefore, for more than thousand years herbs are used by experts to cure health conditions and improve lifestyle. Ayurvedic supplements for male impotence problem have the power to increase the level of testosterone in male organs by providing certain phyto-compounds which can increases sperm count and motility. The herbal oil can be massaged on the organ to repair the damage to the dry nerve endings. The regular use of herbal oil increases flexibility of the organ and the tissues. The ayurvedic supplements for male impotence problem contain many other herbs such as ashwagandha or Withania Somnifera that cure mental weakness to prevent its interference with the normal functioning of reproductive organs.

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