Business Solutions In The Current Crisis

By: Gerald

The present day business crisis revolves around the continuing weak economy and insufficient confidence on the part of company owners to reinvest in their businesses and employ new employees. This lack of confidence in large part is founded on the economy of the Chinese. A lot of people see the enormous massive growth that has occurred in China being a giant bubble that is about to burst.

The Chinese economic development is reliant mainly on a real estate boom just like what occurred in the U.S. leading up to the economic chaos and also housing crisis. Many business leaders and economists believe that when China's real estate bubble bursts the U.S. will likely be thrown back into recession.

Added to that is the issue of currency valuation. The U.S. dollar has been made artificially weak against the Chinese currency so that businesses in china can import goods from the U.S. at low costs. If the bubble bursts the U.S. Dollar increases considerably against Chinese currency resulting in a sharp decrease in imports by China from the U.S.

Business leaders inside the U.S. usually are waiting to see what goes on in China because the Chinese government try to shift the economic focus from real estate to consumer goods. Should the economic shift is productive the Chinese economy is anticiapted to continue growing which will be beneficial to the U.S. economy.

In the U.S. lack of employement remains high because businesses are not wanting to hire as well as expand with the perceived uncertainty of another recession happening soon. The U.S. government will need to follow up the financial stimulus with employing incentives for businesses. This will result in a reducing of unemployment as well as an improvement in demand for consumer goods. Therefore, helping the Chinese economy as a result of increased exports of consumer goods to the U.S.

The solution for small businesses in the U.S. are the same as always. Keep a clear head on customer service and marketing. This is the only thing a company are capable of doing in the face of a large international economic crisis. It is by offering outstanding service to customers that small companies won't only survive but grow in uncertain economic times.

Although small businesses in the U.S. create the great majority of new jobs in the country, you cannot find any reason to hire unless the business is growing. For a small business to grow it has to appeal to new customers, when a new customer is served the business only gets one chance to come up with a good impression which it's no wonder that quality customer service is really vital.

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