Business Discipline - The Psycholoy of Achievement

By: Daniel Lucas

Business discipline is the greatest problem Multi Level Marketers confront and stops millions of people from succeeding in the network marketing industry. Of course, there are numerous factors that must be put together to achieve long-term success and profitability in a network marketing business; however, even a person with the knowledge to massive success will only fail if he cannot take consistent daily action toward his goals. It is necessary to examine how to reach true freedom by building will power and discipline in order to succeed in the key income-producing tasks in business.

Will power is the level of muscle within one's inner strength to overcome obstacles, whereas self discipline is the perseverance to continue exercising one's will. Everyone's will power rises and lowers in power like a muscle; the greater the use, the higher the power. One example of will power would be the choice to perform a task at home instead of sitting on the couch to watch television. Keep in mind that an untrained muscle tires easily. Therefore, after finishing the first chore, it would be harder to choose to continue exercising the will's muscle on a further chore. Keep this in mind and exercise the will over time. For example, instead of choosing to complete a chore that is four hours in length, compartmentalize it up into 2 sessions of 2 hour chunks at first. Furthermore, for every major task, break it up into increments. If the job is to mow the lawn, then the first step should be to prepare clothes for grass cutting. Step two is to walk outside to the mower, and so on. Break things down into manageable chunks. Ask the question, "Can I get to the dresser?" "Yes. Okay, now what?" Choose to do the right thing one small step at a time. Will power may be practiced all the time from any location, so exercise using it by exerting self-control and performing the most important tasks.

First determine exactly what needs to be accomplished in a single day to expand your business. This may be to publish an article each day or to make a specific number of phone calls to customers. Decide on exactly when to begin and finish work every day just like one would do on a job. The finish time is important because it requires the work to be complete by a certain time, which does not permit the person to become a slave to his business and maintains balance in life. Write down the newly created schedule and the daily TO-DO list, then post it somewhere visible. In accordance with the work schedule, decide on a realistic goal to achieve by the end of the month, 3 months later, half a year later, and 12 months later. Then jot it down and post it in a visible location. Now apply will power and self discipline to conquer the tasks outlined on the TO-DO list. As the will is strengthened through self discipline, it will generate an upwards spiral effect that will push you and your business to abundance and success.

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