Bulk Email Marketing Can Prove Very Successful

By: Ray La Foy

With every kind of business imaginable using bulk email marketing to present their products and services to customers, it can be very tempting to jump right in and try the same. But for campaigns to be successful, it pays for a company to do a little research first.

Since computer users are becoming more and more savvy at avoiding junk emails and many are frightened off by those that might include viruses, it's important for a company that wants to explore this option to make sure the presentation works to capture attention without raising alarm bells.

Many "spammers" and junk email senders tend to use plain basic text without including graphics. The big name emailers, such as Big Box Stores, baby product companies, grocery services and more use what's called html mail to send high-quality emails out to those on their bulk mailing list. What this achieves is capturing the attention of current or potential clients while offering a professional looking presentation.

Here are some tips for making a bulk marketing campaign work:

* Remember the key to making a bulk mailing campaign work is in the numbers. A certain percentage of recipients will always look at mail even if it appears as if it's junk. It's this percentage you want to raise and you also want to convert the numbers into those who actually buy.

* To make sure people on your mailing list actually read the mail you send, try to make it relevant to them. If, for example, your business sells diapers, try to get a bulk email list that revolves around families who have recently had an addition. If you're trying to sell home improvement ideas, buy a list that relates to homeowners in your target area.

* Make the presentation professional. Scam letters often come through in plain text without proper spelling or grammar included. The more professional, catchy and clean looking the email that's sent, the better.

* Use graphics and official logos. If you want your mail to stand out from the "junk," take more than simple steps to make it relevant to recipients, also make it look official and professional. Show pictures of the diapers you want them to run to the store and buy or offer visuals of potential home improvement projects.

* Don't try to pull the wool over readers' eyes. If your email offers discounts at a specific store, say that in the subject line. Don't mislead or over inflate what's inside.

* Provide useful content. Many companies are offering online newsletters for their bulk email list. This means they're providing useful articles potential clients might actually want to read and then simply "endorsing" the newsletter by using their logo or including photos of products they'd like to sell. Home improvement stores, for examples, send out articles about projects people can do on their own and include pictures of a project in different phases. It's clear the items can be purchased at the store, but the other information can prove very useful and pull readers in.

The keys to creating successful bulk mail campaigns lie in a creator's ability to provide useful, relevant information while also trying to sell a product. Be honest, be creative and make sure the emails clearly state the company information and its likely this route will prove itself in financial returns.

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